Assumption 2019: that in no case can not be done

In people, this holiday is also called the assumption

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Успение Пресвятой Богородицы 2019: что ни в коем случае нельзя делать

Assumption 2019

Assumption of Mary Orthodox Ukrainians celebrate on Wednesday, August 28. The holiday refers to the twelve, and the people also often call the First feast.

Website Today.Lifestyle writes about the history, rituals, traditions, signs and superstitions of the feast of the Dormition of the virgin 2019, which Orthodox Christians celebrate on August 28.

The story of the feast of the Dormition 2019

According to Church tradition, after the death of the virgin, the apostles put her body in the tomb-a cave, filled up the entrance with a large stone. On the third day they were joined absent the day of the assumption Thomas, who really suffered because he did not have time to say goodbye to the Mother of God. In his plaintive supplication, the apostles rolled away from the entrance to the cave stone, that he was able to say goodbye to the dead body of the blessed virgin. But to everyone’s surprise they found not the body of the virgin inside the cave. There were only her clothes, from which proceeded the amazing fragrance.

What not to do in the day of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary on August 28

  • It is impossible to quarrel with family and friends;
  • Young girls on 28 August to cut their hair and throw them away. Thus they can “to bring the tears of the virgin Mary”;
  • The assumption should not walk barefoot – it was considered that it is possible to collect all of the disease, as the dew on this day is the tears of nature that the mother of God left this world and cannot be with people and help them;
  • It is impossible in this day to take up piercing and cutting items, and also cooking food. Believers break the bread, as the knife cannot be used – it is believed that this leads to a serious diseases;
  • You can’t wear old or uncomfortable shoes – to avoid problems in life: if you RUB your feet on this day, it will be difficult, full of problems and misfortunes of life.
  • Undesirable in this day to make a fire, so as not to attract different misfortune to the house;
  • You can’t work – neither in the garden nor the house.

Recall that the Savior of Apple we noted on August 19 and the third Saved – nut and bread – will be celebrating on August 29. In addition, on August 24, Ukrainians celebrated the Independence Day.

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