Assumption talked about marriage with Kirkorov: “He loves…”

Успенская заговорила о свадьбе с Киркоровым: "Он же любит..."

Lubov Uspenskaya and Philip, photo:

today, 06:45

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya has chosen a couple. The star of Russian chanson drew attention to Philip Kirkorov, stating he was not against relations with him.

About Lyubov Uspenskaya said after reconciliation with the pop-king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov. Previously they had a conflict on the basis of commercial rivalry. Assumption opened a karaoke club, and Kirkorov expressed concerns that it could entice customers with the same institution, which belongs to him.

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Успенская заговорила о свадьбе с Киркоровым: "Он же любит..."

Lubov Uspenskaya, Instagram

“We are friends, maybe even get married. And what to shade? He loves talented. So I don’t mind”, – said the assumption.

It is reported that over time, Philip, probably, have decided that visitors enough at all, and wanted to make amends. As a gentleman, he handed the lady a posh expensive dress, saying she considers it an honor to make the assumption the gift.

Успенская заговорила о свадьбе с Киркоровым: "Он же любит..."

Philip, Kvitki

The singer such a gift was like. She noted that the dress is very beautiful. As a result, the quarrel between Kirkorov and the assumption was in the past, and they’re friends again.

We will remind, earlier on the grave of a close friend Kirkorov and Galkin found spooky “offerings”

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