Asterix – the Secret of the magic potion in DVD and Blu-Ray player : Alexandre Astier dust off the Gauls

Astérix - Le Secret de la potion magique en DVD et Blu-Ray : Alexandre Astier dépoussière le Gaulois

Asterix – the Secret of the magic potion : why is it necessary to see this new animated film

Easter approach and what better than a cute animated movie to set the mood and return to childhood ? That falls well, it is this Wednesday, April 10 that comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray Asterix – The Secret of the magic potion, a film signed Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, which is both efficient and exciting.

An interesting perspective

This new animated film is called may be “Asterix – the Secret of the magic potion”, but the Gauls in the mustache blonde is far from being the main hero of this story. And you know what ? This is really cool. This allows you to highlight Panoramix, the druid of the village, and to touch on important themes of the mythology. Even if the characters don’t age in the COMICS, it is interesting to see the hero be concerned with the problem of succession and of the “after Panoramix”.

Similarly, despite evocations much too brief, it’s nice to see the story touch your finger to urgent questions like : “why not share they not the potion with the rest of Gaul in order to save their brethren ?” or “The Gauls are they xenophobic in wanting to remain inward-looking ?” It’s still pretty superficial in treatment, and it is a pity that it does not go in depth, but the effort is commendable and brings another dimension to the film, which is different from the previous ones.

An enhanced animation

May be is it because we are too used to the comic book, but it is necessary to admit that, as with the previous film, the bias graph of this animation is not always easy to assess. The characters are visually too round, too smooth, too wise, and it’s hard to really find our favorite characters on the screen. However, it is to be noted that a definite improvement has actually been made for this movie (heroes are more “alive” than in ‘the domain of The gods’) and the animation of its kind, is beautiful, smooth and effective. A matter of taste in short.

In addition, Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy are granted a few visual delights incredible. Whether it be through the way of presenting a flashback that is as original as superb, or in the staging of a sequence epic finale, we take full eyes and it does not cease to be surprised.

Beautiful scenery, characters, useful

Finally, two other points are non-negligible we have truly liked in this movie. First, the characters are treated very well in this story, even if it is true that the behavior of Asterix may come as a surprise to a certain time and out of place compared to what we know of him. Beyond that, the secondary characters all bring something in the humour, or the development, and above all, women have a real place in the plot. Using Pectin or Bonemine, a-side “girl power” takes place in this universe eventually very masculine, which makes a lot of good and provides offsets to be effective and funny.

Secondly, Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy are taking full advantage of this history to offer us beautiful scenery. In keeping with the tradition of the COMIC that alternates between a story in the village, and a history outside, Asterix – the Secret of the magic potion that leads us in different amazing places, and surprising each time singular. Anything to support a genuine sense of disorientation that helps the plot – ultimately pretty simplistic and predictable, to advance.

Asterix – the Secret of the magic potion is currently available in DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD.


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