Astronomers have determined the age of a star cluster in the milky Way

Астрономы определили возраст звездного скопления в Млечном Пути

In the milky Way found some of the oldest stars in the Universe

Astronomers were able to determine the age of a star cluster HP 1 in the milky Way, reports the with reference to UKRINFORM.

It turned out that it is one of the oldest known accumulations, not only in the Galaxy but in the Universe as a whole.

In the new study, experts managed to make the most detailed observations by cluster, using the Gemini telescope located in the Chilean Andes.

The researchers used the Gemini telescope, as well as archival images from “Hubble” to study the dimmest stars in the cluster, and for study 11 variable stars RR Lyrae. Experts obtained information allowed us to determine that the cluster is located approximately 21 500 light years from Earth.

The researchers were able to determine the metallicity of stars in HP 1 (this allows to speak about their age: the higher the metallicity, the star is younger, and Vice versa). So, the stars in this cluster have a much lower metallicity that they, as scientists assume, was formed in the period when the Universe was not yet a billion years. According to the findings of researchers, the age of HP 1 is about 12.8 billion years.

For a long time it was believed that the oldest star clusters can be found only in the far reaches of the Galaxy. Recently, however, it was discovered quite a few such clusters in the galactic bulge in the Central region of the milky Way stretching about 10 000 light years.

Астрономы определили возраст звездного скопления в Млечном Пути


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