Astronomers have made the geological map of the Ultima Thule

Астрономы составили геологическую карту Ультимы Туле

Ultima Thule was formed from several objects.

Astronomers have made the first geological map of the Ultima Thule of an object in the Kuiper Belt, which is January 1, the closer the camera New Hosizons. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to, the researchers were able to clarify the history of the heavenly bodies, which, most likely, was formed from several others.

According to scientists, a small “space rocks” have been formed from smaller objects that merged into two larger ones. At the beginning of the formation of the Solar system these two objects are gently joined together, forming the Ultima Thule.

Geological map allowed to consider the hills to the object. According to researchers, these hills represent small and large stones which originally formed the object. These stones formed a rotating disk, which later formed one of the lobes of the system. Scientists suggest that this rotation is allowed to distribute material at the stake, having smoothed it.

New Horizons – automatic interplanetary station NASA, launched in the framework of the “New frontier” (New Frontiers) and is designed to study Pluto and its natural satellite Charon.

The launch was made on 19 January 2006, with a flyby of Jupiter (gravity and maneuver into its field of gravitation) in 2007, and Pluto in 2015. Full mission New Horizons is designed for 15-17 years.

Interplanetary station New Horizons left Earth’s neighborhood with the largest of all spacecrafts speed. At the time of switching off the engine she made up 16.26 km/s (relative to Earth). Heliocentric speed was 45 km/s, which would allow New Horizons to leave the Solar system even without a gravity assist about Jupiter.

Station New Horizons is nearing Pluto (12.5 thousand kilometers) on July 14, 2015 at 14:50 local time. The spacecraft within 30 minutes, we had to spend about 150 scientific measurements. After taking the ring from space probes, scientists were convinced in the successful fulfilment of its primary mission.

Астрономы составили геологическую карту Ультимы Туле


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