Astronomers have recorded the “cosmic birth” in the Universe

For the first time in history, failed to see the “birth” of the moon from an alien planet

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Астрономы зафиксировали "космические роды" во Вселенной

The discovery confirms one of the theories of formation of satellites of planets

370 light years from Earth, astronomers have recorded protology disk from one of the young exoplanets PDS 70c. In this ring, which remained after the birth of a new planet from the remnants of stellar material is actively formed satellites, in particular the large moon.

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The first in the history of the observed process of the “birth” of the moon from another planet saw scientists from the U.S. rice University in Houston. Managed to do it using the ALMA array of radio telescopes in the Chilean Atacama desert. Around the still emerging gas giant there is a large dust cloud.

Астрономы зафиксировали "космические роды" во Вселенной

The picture, which can be considered protology disk around the planet PDS 70c, and large ring around the planets PDS PDS 70c and 70b — the protoplanetary disk of the star

Such formation processes of satellites around massive planets is common in the Universe. However, such Protosenya drives disappear in a very short by galactic standards, the timing — less than 10 million years. That is why until now to see “the unborn moon” to astronomers did not succeed.

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This discovery confirms one of the theories of formation of the satellites of the planets of the Solar system, particularly earth’s moon.

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