Astronomers have witnessed the birth of a new planet in the constellation Taurus

Астрономы застали рождение новой планеты в созвездии Тельца

In the constellation Taurus, a new planet has all chances to become inhabited.

On the new discovery said a team of Japanese scientists. Astronomical Observatory used data heavy duty telescope ALMA to study tumors in the constellation Taurus, writes the with reference to

Tomoyuki Kudo, the study’s lead author, said that it discovered the location of planet formation around a young star, who was given the name DM Tay.

It is 470 light years from Earth and weighs two times less than the Sun. Her age has 3.5 million years. Great interest of scientists cause rings of dust around stars, one of which corresponds to the radius distance from the sun to the asteroid belt, and the second is the distance from the Sun to Neptune.

They are interested in exploring the inner region, since the Earth was formed out of the same area around the young Sun. A bright spot in one of the dust rings in the parameters similar to the process of the formation of Neptune.

Kudo said that the processes around DM Tay will help to reveal many secrets related to the appearance of the planets in the Solar System.


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