Asylum seekers: grease the passage, so it helps

Demandeurs d’asile: graisser le passage, ça aide

We have a plan the most generous in the world for asylum seekers. Our acceptance rate is higher than elsewhere and continues to increase. Between 2013 and 2017, it went from 44% to 70%. And even if their claim is refused, tens of thousands of bogus refugees stay here. As we saw in my previous blog post.

And don’t forget that most of the time these are not the most poor, the most destitute, who come to the border to ask for asylum. It is necessary to have the money, a lot of money. The real “wretched of the Earth” do not have the means to pay for the services of smugglers and criminals to come here. These are most often members of the class shopping and of the affluent in poor countries who have the means. I found the above comic to see our beautiful souls dedicate themselves to assisting the bourgeoisie in underdeveloped countries to circumvent the rules to settle in Canada. These “useful idiots” are the volunteer auxiliary of immigration consultants and lawyers who operate the system thoroughly.

War criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity have been able to establish itself in Canada through lawyers fangeux, of the immigration consultants heinous and other profiteers of this prosperous and sticky industry. And this is not yesterday. The confederate general George Pickett was a refugee here, so that he was facing charges for having run 22 Union soldiers shortly before the end of the Civil war.

It has been known for decades that smuggling networks are linked to criminal or terrorist organizations. But the political weight of the landed immigrants that we close our eyes. The liberal minister Paul Martin took the floor in front of the organizations who supported openly the tamil Tigers, considered a terrorist by the United States, France and Great Britain, but not in Canada under the liberals. Martin has attended one of their dinners funding in spite of the opinion of the RCMP not to do it! The Tamils voted overwhelmingly liberal. When the conservatives took power in 2006, the tamil Tigers were declared a terrorist. It will.

The immigration refugee board has long been a branch of the liberal Party of Canada where you tablet friends, spouses, ex-defeated candidates and organizers liberal without a job. Whether or not they have the required skills. Appointed for periods of one to seven years and is renewable, they are not removable. The Gazette in 2001 published an article demonstrating that under Jean Chrétien’s liberals

at least
32 of the 58 commissioners of immigration were appointed by political patronage.

A revealing example of the kind of character who finds. Liberal organizer of long standing in the Montérégie region, the former candidate for provincial liberal Yves Bourbonnais was appointed a commissioner even if he had been found guilty in 1988 of having sold the office furniture, belonging to two palaces of justice.

While he served with the appeal division of the immigration Commission, Bourbonnais has demanded sums of money from asylum seekers in exchange for favourable decisions. He pleaded guilty to 30 charges of obstructing justice and conspiracy.

RCMP officers have testified that some of these individuals were subject to deportation for having committed criminal acts, or because they were considered a threat to the national security of Canada.

These fake refugees have poured in Bourbonnais for up to$ 15,000 to not be expelled. He has been suspended with pay in 2001 (and$ 100,000 per year) until the end of his mandate in 2003. Sentenced to six years in prison in 2007, he was quickly released by the national parole Board where the liberals swarmed.

Accomplices in a criminal act, the false refugees who have bought Bourbonnais, remained in the country, “compassion”, and have not been prosecuted. I’m concerned about.

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