At 2.20 meters tall, this Chinese teenager impresses the basketball world

At 2.20 meters tall, this Chinese teenager impresses the basketball world

La pivot chinoise domine ses adversaires. – FIBA

Une jeune basketteuse internationale chinoise de 17 ans attire tous les regards en raison de sa grande taille, qui lui permet actuellement de briller dans un tournoi et génère déjà des comparaisons avec Yao Ming.

Zhang Ziyu is 2.20 meters tall according to the International Basketball Federation (Fiba).

According to certain Chinese media, the young woman even stands at 2.28 meters. Regardless, she used her height to help the national team secure two wins this week at the U18 Women's Asian Cup in Shenzhen (south of China). China).

These matches and the images broadcast online attracted attention to the young athlete well beyond the borders of her native country. On Monday, against Indonesia, Zhang Ziyu scored 19 points in 13 minutes in a big 109-50 victory.

Videos show her largely dominating her opponents, with some Indonesian players barely reaching chest height. She also seems to have little need to jump to reach the basket. China then beat New Zealand 90-68 on Tuesday, with Zhang Ziyu scoring 36 points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

The future Yao Ming ?

On social networks, some are already comparing her to ex-NBA star Yao Ming, considered the most talented Chinese basketball player in history and who measured 2.29 meters.

The American Women's Professional Basketball League (WNBA) requires foreign players to be at least 20 years old. But many observers already foresee a career in the United States for Zhang Ziyu.

"She left to dominate her generation", wrote an X user. "She has a good touch on the ball", writes another. "Most tall players just swing the ball and hope it goes in. But she has good technique and knows what she's doing."

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