At 20, he appeals to the stars to record a song against bullying

A 20 ans, il lance un appel aux stars pour enregistrer une chanson contre le harcèlement scolaire

Hugo Martinez and Jujufitcat appeal to the stars to record a song against bullying

Commit to reduce bullying. It is this that has decided to make Hugo Martinez, a 20-year-old, who has been the victim of teasing and insults during his childhood. With its association with Hugo!, he appealed to the stars in the company of one of the godmothers, Jujufitcat. The idea ? Bringing together artists to collaborate on a song against bullying before a big charity concert planned for the summer of 2020.

On November 7, it was the national day of fight against harassment in school. Scourge in the course of recess and on the social networks, the harassment is still a lot of victims, some young people up to put an end to their days because of the insults and abuse that they undergo. To counter this, some have decided to commit in the long term. This is the case ofHugo Martinez.

The battle of Hugo in the face of harassment

Today aged 20, the young man has experienced very difficult times during his schooling. In an interview given to The Student, Hugo explained that he was harassed as early as primary school, where he was insult on his physique. “The college has added a dimension “physical : hitting, punching, shoving, fights. From the fourth, there was the cyber-bullying. I had the ‘luck’ of not having to take it earlier, because today, this can start on social networks from CE2, CM1.” has he entrusted to you. If he managed to get out of it, he also decided to engage two years ago, before creating in January 2018 its association, Hugo! Its purpose ? The fight against bullying and help those who are victims.

The call of the association Hugo! for her big concert

A few months ago, the association has set up a fundraiser to organize in the summer of 2020 is a grand benefit concert against school bullying. Hugo Martinez has managed to collect 5,000 euros, but do not want to stop there ! As reported by Jean-Marc Morandini, he is surrounded by the influenceuse and Youtubeuse Jujufitcat for another project : recording a song against bullying. To do so, it launches a call for singers, actors or athletes who want to engage : “We launch a call to all artists who want to join us (…) who want to sing with us, we invite you to sing with us, to fight against school bullying, “explains Jujufitcat which has itself been the victim of harassment during his school years. It is hoped that many of the stars will respond to this call !

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