At 80 years old she made a difference in their community

À 80 ans elle fait une différence dans sa communauté

A woman of 80 years who want to participate in the war effort against the COVID-19 meals that families come to pick up on his front porch in exchange for a few dollars for people in need.

“The life I was spoiled and now it’s my turn to give back,” says Pierrette Poirier Nadeau who has spent his entire life in Saint-Pierre-Baptiste, a municipality of 522 inhabitants in the Centre-du-Québec.

The one who has been a teacher for a little over 25 years was first mentioned on Facebook that she had need of four organic bananas in exchange for a maple syrup pie.

“Everyone wanted to come bring me bananas, so I asked [on Facebook] if they wanted something else and I have had several requests for different meals,” says Ms. Poirier Nadeau.

Pies, pies, pudding…

Since mid-march that the octogenarian kitchen pâtés, pies, tarts, puddings for families who come to seek them out on his front porch in exchange for a few dollars.

“It allows me to know the new families that have just arrived and it is a kind of therapy for me because my husband with whom I have lived 57 years old was recently admitted in residence,” she says. She added that a grocery store of his region allows him to get free of the ingredients she needs for cooking.

The one that comes to blow out 80 candles on his last birthday cake Saturday (may 31) ensures that it does not contaminate a person, because she cooks with gloves and a mask in addition to not have any contact with persons who approach his house. It disinfects regularly its input and waits for two days before touching the money it receives.

“I’m câlineuse, but I have to restrain myself because of the current crisis “, indicates the Baptistoise who had to cook 45 blocks mexican a few minutes before the interview with The Journal.

She puts the money she receives from the mayor of his City, Donald Lamontagne, and it is the latter that takes care of grocery shopping for families in need. A dozen families have been helped so far.

The media officer of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ), Melissa Lapointe, has indicated by email that he was ” allowed to do the sale of food that has been prepared from a domestic kitchen, but that there were certain requirements to be met “, including training in hygiene and food safety was required.

Pierrette Poirier Nadeau ended the interview by stating that it would continue its “small business of generosity” as it was dubbed until the end of June and will cease then.

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