At least 13 years in prison for the murder of his ex

Au moins 13 ans en prison pour le meurtre de son ex

A murderer jealous that stabbed 62 times his ex-spouse will spend at least 13 years behind bars, during which it wants to develop a relationship with a woman with a developmental disability encountered during his detention.

“The entourage of the young woman and the prison authorities will have to supervise adequately and efficiently the relationship “, was concerned about the judge Hélène Di Salvo on Thursday, condemning Max Aubin to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 13 years.

Au moins 13 ans en prison pour le meurtre de son ex

Mylene Laliberte

Aubin, a resident of Saint-Lin–Laurentides 25-year-old, remained impassive on hearing the sentence of which he has been sentenced for the murder of Mylène Laliberté, which occurred on January 13, 2017.

The young 24 year old woman had just left, not supporting neither his jealousy nor his use of cocaine.

The young man replied, introducing himself in it, armed. He then stabbed 62 times, with his knife, and another taken in the kitchen.

Life in Prison

Arrested shortly after, Aubin had eventually pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of murder not premeditated.

This crime automatically entailing a sentence of life in prison, he still remained to determine the number of years to be served before Aubin could apply for parole.

“I had many companions before Mylene and I don’t have them all killed, ensured Aubin after his guilty plea. Can a man improve when he receives help. “

Both the Crown and the defence suggested a period of 13 years, but the judge had a doubt, following revelations in the media that same inmate, Aubin is illegally a cell phone, and that he has begun a relationship with a woman with an intellectual disability.

Little remorse

Concerned, the judge ordered the preparation of a report which revealed that Aubin had no real remorse, despite his apology to the court.

“He sees himself as having always been able to protect the women, he blames the drugs and sees his future in a positive way, noted the judge, Thursday at the courthouse in Joliette. As to the young woman [that he was known on the internet], he hopes to have family visits in detention. “

But despite the violence of the crime that the judge described as ” horrible, free, and obnoxious “, the latter has responded to the recommendations of the parties, in front of a dozen relatives of the victim, present in the room.

The latter, visibly disappointed with the sentence, did not wish to comment on.

“This is another sad case of domestic violence, too many women are murdered by a spouse jealous is unable to accept the break-up. “

“Thirteen years, it may seem merciful, but it is an appropriate sentence. I know that it is a great disappointment [to the relatives of the victim], but I remember that the sentence is a life sentence. “

“I wish from the bottom of heart [to the relatives of the victim] that the end of the judicial process will be grieving a little more slowly. “

– The judge Hélène Di Salvo

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