At least 200 incidents of violence against caregivers since the beginning of the pandemic

Au moins 200 incidents de violence contre des soignants depuis le début de la pandémie

At least 200 incidents of violence against caregivers that have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, said the international Committee of the Red Cross on Wednesday, stressing that such violence ” is gaining momentum “.

In the Face of this situation, leaders of 13 medical and humanitarian organizations worldwide, representing more than 30 million health professionals, including the ICRC, Doctors of the World, the international Hospital Federation and the international Council of Nurses, have issued a statement condemning the attacks increasingly directed against the personal and health institutions in the context of the pandemic.

As explained by the ICRC, this community of interest, denounces the attacks related to the pandemic, with more than 200 reported incidents, and the alarm of the magnitude of this phenomenon, which endangered both the caregivers, who are essential players in the response to the pandemic, that the communities they serve “.

In the declaration, the leaders of the organizations say that, ” if the recent public demonstrations of support to the actors of the response at Covid-19 are warm to the heart, it remains that many of them are victims of harassment, stigmatization and physical violence “.

The declaration points out that ” some health professionals have even been killed as well as the patients they were occupying “, and that ” it does not go a single day without new cases of intimidation and violence are reported “.

The organizations are calling on governments to take action to combat disinformation, and to ensuring that health professionals can work in a ” safe environment, and to ensure that psychological support is offered not only to the victims of violence, but also to persons subject to high levels of stress in their work “.

The ICRC also indicates that the pandemic has increased pressure on staff and health systems already strained in some areas by ” a conflict or a lack of investment “.

The ICRC recalls that while the violence against caregivers in the context of the pandemic expands, the attacks do not seem related to the pandemic are continuing. The ICRC condemns the recent attacks in Kabul and Darfur have been the victims of institutional and personal health, as well as patients.

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