At Rostv showed the expected Putin’s daughter. Video

На РосТВ показали предполагаемую дочь Путина. Видео

Putin’s daughter first showed in the Russian television

Thursday, December 6, the TV channel “Russia” showed in the “News” report on the Moscow development Institute “Inpractice”. This story marked the first appearance on television the supposed youngest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin Catherine Tikhonova, writes the with reference to Hvilya

In the story Tikhonov appears at the end of the first minute. It is presented as “the head of the project “Inpractice”, Deputy Director of the Institute of mathematical studies of complex systems, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov”.

That Katerina Tikhonova is one of the daughters of the Russian President, first told in January 2015 the journalist Oleg Kashin.

In November 2015, the Reuters news Agency confirmed this information in his investigation: the head of the Board of Gazprombank Andrei Akimov said that he met Katerina when she was still a child and already knew that she is the daughter of Putin. Press Secretary of the Russian President rejected this assumption.

For 13 years prior to this edition of “Interlocutor” in detail told about Putin’s two daughters – Masha and Katia, not calling them names, but saying that they were named after the grandmothers: Maria Ivanovna Putin and Catherine Tikhonovna Skrebneski (now this article was deleted, but the Internet is available to its saved copy).

According to Reuters, Tikhonov at the time of publication of the investigation was married to Kirill Shamalov, son of Nikolai Shamalov, a longtime friend of the President and shareholder of Bank Rossiya, which the us authorities consider Bank of the Russian elite. Wrote Bloomberg, in January 2018 Tikhonov broke up with her husband. From open sources it is known that Katerina Tikhonova was born 31 August 1986 in Germany, where at that time served as her father. Now she heads the project “Inpractice” at the Moscow state University. According to Reuters, in the framework of this project it has signed contracts with several major government organizations for several million dollars.

In October 2016, “the Fund of struggle against corruption” Alexei Navalny said that in 2015-2016 “Inpractice” has won several state contracts for 452 million rubles. The money in the Fund, in particular, gave the state Rosneft, Rosatom, and Transneft. In addition to the money, “Inpractice” received 425 million rubles as “earmarked contributions”. The origin of the money, how and on which projects they were spent, the FCO could not figure out.

It is also known that Tikhonov was a professional acrobatic rock-n-roll. Footage of one of her performances to this day was the only video with her.

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