At the age of 71, he was healed miraculously of the COVID-19

À 71 ans, il guérit miraculeusement de la COVID-19

On April 10, 2020, Normand Leblond is experiencing symptoms that resemble those of the flu. He was far from suspecting that in a few hours, his life going to switch completely.

“I started to have dizziness, 40 degrees fever, my vision started to be blurry a little bit,” explains Normand Leblond to VAT New.

Seeing the symptoms of her husband’s worse, it is his wife, Pauline, who called the emergency services.

“When you can see also from her husband in the ambulance, in a very, very bad state, and then, to see that I could not even accompany him in this… I can’t even go with him. You can see from… See how it was, for me, it was terrible,” says Pauline Goupil-Leblond, spouse of Mr. Leblond.

Soon after his hospitalization, his condition deteriorated.

“When, the next morning, my mother called me at seven o’clock less five to tell me that in the night he had been transferred to the intensive care unit, and intubated, it was really, personally, the moment it started to… me to eat,” says the son of Mr. Leblond, Patrice Leblond.

Norman Leblond was then plunged into a long coma for three weeks. At this time, impossible to know if he was going to make it through.

“Logically, I should not be there. I was so weak, I was so low, it is a miracle that I’m here,” Mr. Leblond.

Day-to-day, Normand Leblond is doing better and better. Especially since he has reunited with his loved ones.

“When I saw him, it was when he returned to the rehabilitation centre. It was very touching, very moving. It seems to me that we could not believe that it was made there. To be gone so low, and to be rendered there!” says Ms. Goupil-Leblond, yet emotional.

Norman Leblond will have to return to rehabilitation as early as Monday. He learns again to walk slowly, and every day he thanked the heavens for having survived the virus.

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