At the Arthur-Rimbaud college in Montpellier, the premature departure of a CPE who came as reinforcement goes badly

At the Arthur-Rimbaud college in Montpellier, the premature departure of a CPE who came as reinforcement goes badly

Le mouvement de grève pourrait être reconduit ce mardi indiquent les équipes. Midi Libre – jean-Michel Mart

Les personnels du collège Arthur-Rimbaud où était scolarisée Samara, ont observé une journée de grève ce lundi pour dénoncer l'arrêt d'une mission de renfort confiée à une conseillère principale d'éducation.

A good part of the courses were not taught this Monday at the Arthur-Rimbaud college in La Paillade. The school life and teacher teams have, according to a teacher representative "very majority" followed a word of advice ;strike order to contest the termination of a mission entrusted to a senior education advisor who came as reinforcement following the attack suffered by Samara on April 2. ;nbsp;

Parents of students in solidarity with the movement

"Since the start of this crisis we have insisted on the need for lasting support for our children and the educational community. The presence of the CPE was an essential measure to ensure the stability and continuity of the monitoring of our children" indicate the representatives of the parents of students, in solidarity with this movement. 

The CPE which intervened as reinforcement worked in particular on the care of late arrivals, in conjunction with their families. "This departure means the cessation of these actions and compromises the care provided to the students" deplore the staff in a press release. "Behind this commitment is someone who has started work, until June 30. It’s a change of heart from the rectorate that we don’t quite understand" adds Julien Landais, one of the professors’ spokespersons. According to the teams, the decision broke a "commitment" of the academic authorities made after the attack on Samara and its consequences.

The rectorate announces the reinforcement of an agent at the start of the school year 

For their part, the rectorate services deny having made a commitment until the end of the year and argue the need to bring the CPE back to its previous establishment, the college Camille-Claudel. They also assure that Arthur-Rimbaud will have, at the start of the next school year, the arrival of a prevention and security agent. "Officially, for the moment we have nothing" responds Julien Landais. "We are not back to normal. We still have worried families, students who are less involved" he observes.

The movement could be renewed this Tuesday morning.

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