At the Atlantic almost 20 years floating ice-coffin

                                По Атлантике почти 20 лет плавает ледяной гроб

The iceberg’s unusual shape attracted the attention of NASA in late September when it was noticed and photographed by one of the ISS astronauts.

Nature knows how to surprise. Not long ago, NASA released the photograph almost perfectly rectangular iceberg, and now shared with the iceberg, having the shape of a coffin. In addition, the U.S. Agency told his story, because soon this huge floating piece of ice, called B-15T, will disappear forever.

                                По Атлантике почти 20 лет плавает ледяной гроб

The history of the B-15T began in March 2000, when the Ross ice shelf broke off a huge iceberg B-15, which eventually split into several pieces. One of them was B-15T. All these years, the iceberg has travelled around Antarctica, in obedience to the will of the Antarctic circumpolar current. However, at the end of 2017 under the action of currents in the Weddell sea, he changed direction, heading North where the water temperature is higher than necessary for the survival of B-15T. In addition, in the southern hemisphere was already over the winter that will accelerate the melting of the iceberg.

According to NASA scientist Chris Schumann as an unusual form of B-15T was taken by accident in the course of the trip, which lasted 18.5 years. “We can only guess what forces influenced this fragment B-15 during its long voyage around Antarctica,” he says.

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, experts of NASA have found out the secret of the birth of a rectangular iceberg.

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