At the commercial court, the company Edeis ordered to compensate its former economic partner R2B

At the commercial court, the company Edeis ordered to compensate its former economic partner R2B

En juin 2022, R2B consulting avait décidé de résilier le contrat de partenariat signé un an plus tôt. Midi Libre – FLORENT GARDIN

On May 23, 2024, the Nîmes commercial court ordered Edeis, manager of Roman monuments in Nîmes, to compensate its former subcontractor following the termination of their contract. For the consular judges, the economic damage to the company producing the shows amounts to 241,605 euros.

In its judgment of May 23, 2024, the Nîmes commercial court ordered the company Edeis Concession to compensate its former economic partner, the show producer, creator of live shows, R2B consulting, following the termination of their contractual relations.

In 2021, Edeis chose to collaborate precisely with this company, to respond to the call for tenders from the city of Nîmes, particularly with regard to the project. cultural and event entertainment among others  ancient arenas over the periods  2022-2023 and 2024.

Under the terms of this partnership and show exploitation contract, R2B was then to ensure the executive production of Roman shows and events, such as the shows Hadrian and the Pictish War played in the arenas in May 2022 for the Roman days and Nîmes, City of Dieux, to be presented there every year in August.

No real consultation

But on June 9, 2022, R2B decided to interrupt this contract. Lack, according to her, of real consultation with her co-contractor Edeis, in the execution of their contractual relationship.

In line with this analysis, the Nîmes Commercial Court points out in its decision of 23 May in particular that the so-called “consultation” did not in reality consist of... " than to the pure and simple application of the choices of Edeis.

For the consular judges, the termination of this contract, although at the initiative of R2B, is thus the responsibility of Edeis. ” The latter not having allowed R2B to play its role predefined by their partnership contract", the judges noted to justify their judgment.

R2B termination, EDEIS condemned

Underlining R2B's desire to maintain cordial relations with Edeis despite the end of their contract, the court further considers that Edeis Concession had not, during the execution of the said agreement, "ensured serene relations with its partners. Dealing for example R2B with ' "assistant", which demonstrates that because it finances, it (the Edeis company, Editor's note) grants itself all the rights in disregard of its contractual commitments", point out for example consular judges.

Beyond rejecting Edeis 's request aiming to call into question the liability of R2B in the termination, it’is therefore well edeis which is here condemned by the court. And who thus sees his liability engaged for fault.

241,605 euros

Given the financial consequences of this rupture, Edeis is thus ordered to compensate the economic loss of the company producing the show to the amount of 241,605 euros. A sum corresponding, according to the judges, to the estimate of its foreseeable turnover for the remainder of the contract to run. A contract which initially expired in 2024.

Following the termination of this contractual relationship, R2B currently placed under judicial protection will however have to reimburse some 82,108 euros to Edeis in application of the judges' decision. A sum corresponding precisely to advances of costs unnecessarily incurred by her, in anticipation in this case of the production of the show Nîmes, Cité des Dieux.

Edeis appeal, binding judgment

Reached by telephone, the lawyer for the company R2B believes in this case that his client was precisely forced to resign by his co-contractor.& nbsp;

" The actions of Edeis in the context of this contract led to a real moral crisis which then made the normal execution of its contractual obligations by my client simply impossible. The latter therefore had no other choice but to draw the consequences by withdrawing from the project, he explains .

According to our information, the Edeis concession company has for its part appealed this judgment which is already enforceable. Contacted this Thursday, June 27, the company applying for its own succession, regarding the DSP relating to the management of Roman monuments in Nîmes, did not responded to our request.

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