At the FESTIVAL presented the Ukrainian military drama about the annexation of Crimea

The film “U311 Cherkassy” tells about the events of the spring of 2014, which occurred after the revolution on the Maidan

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July 20, 12:15

На ОМКФ представили украинскую военную драму об аннексии Крыма

At the FESTIVAL presented the film “Cherkassy” the annexation of the Crimea

At the 10th international film festival in Odessa, the Ukrainian premiere of the war drama “U311 Cherkassy” Director Timur Yaschenko. The film tells the real story of how in 2014, one after the other Ukrainian ships surrendered to the enemy, and the crew of “Cherkasy” was resisting and kept a brave, though hopeless, struggle.

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Drama Timur Yashchenko was one of five feature films national competition program for the current FESTIVAL. This is the story of these Ukrainian soldiers-patriots of the Ukrainian Navy, who for three weeks bravely kept the defense of the sea trawler during the annexation of the Crimea, and even after the capture of the ship refused to lower the Ukrainian flag.

“I play one of the villains. I didn’t want to do it very so formulaic, cardboard some – they are people too, and wanted to find something human,” says the actor Oleg Karpenko, who played in the film “green man”.

Note that in the cinema at the premiere of “Cherkasy” was attended by the ship’s captain Yuri Fedash. “All the events that happened actually, as closely as possible was shown in the film,” said the stage Fedash.

Note that along with the movie “Cherkassy” for winning “the Dukes” in the national programme of feature films compete 4 film: “Papa – my mother’s brother” Vadim Ilkov, “My thoughts are quiet” Antonio Lukic, “Panorama” Yuri Shilov and “Shaniac” Andrey Ivanyuk.

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