At the height of ado

À hauteur d’ado

In american films, the characters of teens who are overweight are often the ones who are always making jokes or who put themselves continually in the foot dishes. Exasperated by these shots, the French director Marie-Sophie Chambon wanted to, with his comedy-drama 100 kilos of stars, to show the true reality of a teenage girl who has to live with a weight problem.

100 kilos of stars, this is the story of Lois, 16 years, passionate about science who dreams of becoming an astronaut. Gifted in math and physics, she has the support of his teacher who sees it as his best student.

But there was a problem : because of its weight (100 pounds), Lois has virtually no chance of being able to integrate a space program. After having a discomfort because she had decided to stop eating in hopes of losing weight, it will land in a centre for young people where she will meet three other teenage girls are damaged for life : an anorexic, a paraplegic and a électrosensible. Together, they decide to traverse France to allow Lois to enter a contest in a center of space studies.

“I wanted to show real girls in the cinema, emphasized the director, Marie-Sophie Chambon during a telephone interview granted to the Newspaper in the beginning of the week.

“These are girls who exist in life, but we never see in the movies. […] In the cinema, the overweight person is often the character funny in the movie, or the girl a little beast. People often put in this category then we do not see too the report. This is not because it is big that it is funny. “

New faces

Marie-Sophie Chambon absolutely wanted to find new faces to give life to the main characters of his film. She is said to have met with several young actresses for the role of Lois before sending it to Laura Duchene, a teenager who had never played on the screen.

“It was complicated because he had to find a girl to be overweight and that there has been a lot of candidates who came to see us and told us that they were big, but in fact they were just forms, explains the director.

“It was also necessary to find a girl who really liked science. Laure had it all. And it is not seen in the film, but she is very comfortable with his body. During the auditions, I met a lot of young girls who were very shy and for her it was hard to accept to show her body. But for Laura, it was a commitment to show that it was precisely not hide. “


Marie-Sophie Chambon carries this story in it for a long time. She has also written a first version of the scenario of 100 pounds of stars for a work of end of studies at La Fémis, a film school, there are almost ten years old.

The character of Lois has also inspired a short film – Princess – achieved in 2014 and which puts in scene a young girl of eight years who are overweight who dreams of becoming a princess like all the other young girls of her age. But because of her weight, she can not wear the princess dress.

“I have the impression that they lock up a lot of the girls in the models and that there is a lot of suffering there, says the filmmaker. I wanted to tell this suffering that many young girls want to look like models. I know that boys suffer from it too. But there are still on the body of women, a weight and an additional burden : they must be an object of desire. And the desire of 100 kilos of stars, it was precisely out of that desire. I wanted to show teenage girls who are not in a sexual desire or male. “

100 pounds stars will be presented July 3 in a few cinemas in Quebec.

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