At the OIFF 2019 “Ukraine” TV channel news “Today,” said spetsprizom two Ukrainian movies

On July 19 took place the ceremony of awarding the winners of professional platform Film Industry Office

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На ОМКФ 2019 телеканал "Украина" и новости "Сегодня" отметили спецпризами два украинских фильма

OIFF 2019

On July 19 took place the ceremony of awarding the winners of the professional platform of the Film Industry Office of Odessa international film festival, the closing took place yesterday. Special prize “news Today” in size of 60,000 USD for the project presented in the section Work in progress, got a documentary of Igor Ivanko “Kraka pam’yat”. Special prize of the nominal value of 60 000 grivnas from the TV channel “Ukraine” within the framework of the Pitching got a project Valentine Vasyanovich “Vdlist”.

Look, how was the closing of the OIFF 2019:

The film “Kraka pam’yat” is a story about the famous Ukrainian cameraman Leonid Burlaka, which is his grandson, the young Director Igor Ivanko. A documentary project based on the materials of the photo archive of Leonid Burlaka, who was accidentally found in Odessa in 2017. Exploring the dilapidated pictures, Igor is moving closer to the grandfather, but I have to face the opposition of memory and forgetfulness: very soon, Leonidas will cease to know his grandson.

“Support the landmark documentary projects becoming a good tradition for news Today. This year in the framework of the International festival of documentary films on human rights DocudaysUA we are working with “Radio Liberty” presented the film “Baluch”. Also in partnership with “Radio Liberty” we presented the film “Crimea. Occupied.” In the broadcast news “Today” on a permanent basis comes out of a documentary cycle “Their not polisam”, which keeps in the spotlight the fate of the Ukrainian military and civil activists who are prisoners in Russia. It is imperative for us attention to significant events and iconic figures of our time and our history. That is why we decided to support the creative team of the documentary project “Kraka pam’yat”, – noted the Director of the Directorate of informational broadcasting, editor in chief of TV channel “Ukraine” Yuriy Sugak.

“A year ago we started this project here in Odessa. And very important to us and it’s nice that he still has the support and appreciation. This gives additional impetus to the work. I work with a personal archive of his grandfather. Such things as private files we very rarely see in the movies. But it is true to documentary fact, documentary stamp era through the person’s private life”, – said Igor empty by Ivanka.

The prizes were presented by the head of special projects news “Today,” Boris Ivanov.

На ОМКФ 2019 телеканал "Украина" и новости "Сегодня" отметили спецпризами два украинских фильма

At the OIFF 2019 “Ukraine” TV channel news “Today” has awarded Ukrainian films

“The documentary is the genre of cinema that is closest to capturing life, recording the facts of history in all their manifestations. The work started by Igor Ivanko, studying the photo archives of his grandfather, seemed to us very important from the point of view of extraordinary drama, which turns out to be the hero, memory loss, and from the point of view of the preservation of our history, the history of cinema. After all, Leonid Burlaka is the man who for decades built up a quality product”, – summed up Boris Ivanov.

The movie Valentine Vasyanovich “Vdisk”, received a special prize from TV channel “Ukraine” in Pitching, talks about human drama, about the ways of mutual understanding between father and daughter, about the transformation of an adult and an accelerated maturity of the child under the traumatic pressure of war.

“This year was a very strong Pitching, and this specagra for me was a complete and pleasant surprise. My story about how 10-year-old child tries to understand what death is, what life is, what is the body, the soul, and generates a huge number of such questions that adults should know the answer. It is important that the channel “Ukraine” drew attention to a sharp, dramatic story,” said Valentyn vasyanovych.

Award winner presented to the member of jury Pitching, creative producer of TV channel “Ukraine”, Director of the production “TV Pro” Elena Kanishevskaja.

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