At the OIFF 2019 will be presented to show “Marcus” from TV channel “Ukraine”

The series is a co-production of Ukraine and Latvia

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На ОМКФ 2019 будет представлен сериал "Маркус" от телеканала "Украина"


10-th Odessa international film festival, strategic partner channel “Ukraine”, kicks off July 12. Especially for the anniversary OIFF team starred in the holiday video.

Watch the video who received awards at the FESTIVAL last year:

Note that the Ukrainian-Latvian and French drama, Thriller from Polish Director Dariusz Jablonski, a Comedy from Spain, and drama series from the UK waiting for the audience in the program of the anniversary of the Odessa international film festival. The program was developed in collaboration with the largest festival series SERIES MANIA (France) and with the TV channel “Ukraine”

In the section “Series” will be presented by the TV channel “Ukraine” in co-productions the series Ukraine and Latvia “Marcus” directed by Anton Azarov Igor Volkov. The dramatic film, where in the center of the story an English teacher Polina Klochko, whose life is forever changed after kidnapping son Mark. After a few years in the heading of international news in the report about the incident in Riga shopping Mall Polina sees his son. Now his name is Marcus, but it’s definitely her baby. Character goes to the police, but to resume the investigation is not grounds enough. The mother, who miraculously got a hope, decides to fight for her son alone.

“Illuminated Madrid” – Spanish Comedy series from the Directors Paco Leon, Anna R. Costa. Spanish intelligence services seek to penetrate into the house scandalous Hollywood stars ava Gardner,she recently moved to Spain and it is suspected of hostility to the Franco regime. Prostitute Manolo and lame old virgin Ana Marie form an unlikely couple that gets to work on star to spy on her in the maelstrom of sex, whiskey and flamenco 1960s.

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Polish film Director, member of the European film Academy, Dariusz Jablonski created the TV series “the pleasure Principle”. Thriller is a co-production of Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic. It all starts at the Odessa beach where the warm summer evenings find the naked body of a young girl. Subsequently, the identical killings occur in Warsaw and Prague, where the police finds the dead bodies with similar deformities. Investigators, investigating mysterious crimes begin to realize that it was the work of one person. The heroes will have to work together to catch a cold-blooded killer.

French drama “Liar” directed by Fabrice Gobert. A devoted mother and wife Elvira seems that her family does not notice. Once she gives in to temptation and plunging in a lie trying to find love and attention.

“Virtue” – a series of UK filmmakers Shane meadows and Jack Thorne. The plot of the drama series – Joseph, who drinks to suppress the pain and loneliness of existence, gradually eat it from the inside. He decides to look into the past and return to where he lived in his youth. He is in a loving home of his sister, who had not seen for 30 years, and starts emotionally deep relationship with sister-in-law with a stick and a young woman. When the dark secrets he was hiding from childhood back to the surface, Joseph will have to choose between revenge and forgiveness.

Recall first day on the set, the creative team spent in Latvia, where was filmed a number of scenes 8-series paintings “Marcus”. Now the filming process moved to Ukraine, where he arrived with Latvian actors.

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