At the Slovak-Ukrainian border appeared “cemetery” EuroBLECH. Video

Возле словацко-украинской границы появилось "кладбище" евроблях. Видео

In the Slovak village left more than 100 vehicles with foreign registration.In the Slovak village of Bast, near the border with Ukraine, the owners of cars with foreign registration massively abandon their vehicle.

On Thursday, 6 December, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that for the past two weeks, the Ukrainians left there more than a hundred cars.

According to the chief of the village Ubli, this situation caught local authorities by surprise. From the night of 25 November in the village have begun to leave the car.

“Go after lunch in the village and no one, and in the morning see that there are already parked cars. And you don’t even know where they came from, and who is there at night drove. This is one of the problems. Another is that these cars are often dismantled for parts. That is, the parts of the car disappear, and the body in our village remains lying around as scrap or waste,” complains the Hope Serkova.

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