At the world Cup in 2022 can play 48 teams

На Чемпіонаті світу-2022 можуть зіграти 48 команд

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Question on increasing the number of participants of FIFA world Cup will consider in March

The President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, said that in March the organization will decide on the number of teams at the world Cup in 2022. It is likely that at the world Cup in Qatar will play 48 teams, not 32 as before.

“We have decided that with the 2026 world Championships will be 48 teams, however, regarding the world Cup in Qatar remains an open question. All things are possible. At the moment we are studying the feasibility of this solution. The problem is that the 2022 world Cup will last 28 days and not 31, as usual. But if you have the infrastructure and stadiums, then why not.

FIFA will make a final decision in March. We discussed this with Qatar. Perhaps some games could be held in neighbouring countries. Why not dream about it? If you fail to invite 48 teams, we will hold a great tournament with 32 teams,” – said Infantino.

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