At Vinnytsia wolves mutants terrorizing the locals. Video

На Виннитчине стая волков-мутантов терроризирует местных жителей. Видео

The animals rush to calves, sheep, goats and even rabbits.In Vinnytsia region by a pack of wolves keeps at Bay the entire district. In the evening the locals are afraid to go outside, because every morning find torn animals Pets.

Hunters say that terrorizing the village, the wolves are not normal, and mutants.

Living in the forests of Mogilev-Podolsk district of the pack of wolves hunts a minimum of five surrounding villages. Prey animals do not stop: rush on calves, sheep, goats and even rabbits. Due to this situation, local turned to the hunters.

Hunters say that the cattle in the villages attacked by unusual predators. Terrorizing local residents the animals were mutants. They are grown hunters crossing breed dogs husky wolves. When a dog runs away from owner to the forest, he quickly wildly. In the wild feral dogs mate with wolves and create a dangerous pack. If mutants will continue – hunters will be making another RAID.

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