Athlete Yulia Levchenko first took the height of two meters in the hall (video)

Легкоатлетка Юлія Левченко вперше взяла висоту два метри в залі (відео)


Competition in Oban turned into a triumph of Ukrainian athletes

The evening of 12 February Obon (France) turned into a night of triumph for Ukrainian athletes. Yulia Levchenko first repeated personal record in high jump indoors (1.98 m), and then at the second attempt to overcome a height of 2.00 m – new youth record of Ukraine in the room.

The previous record belonged to Yaroslav Maguchy. On January 27 in highway, she jumped by 1.99 m.

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The result Levchenko success of Ukrainians is not limited. Irina Gerashchenko after a personal record in the championship of Ukraine in the room (1,97 m) again showed the result of extra class. On the first attempt, jumping to a height of 1.96 meters, she became the second. The first three locked Ekaterina Tabashnik (1.90 m).

Oksana Okuneva, who because of illness was forced to miss the championship of Ukraine, in France, took fourth place (1.85 m). Yaroslav Maguchy, which wasn’t betting on the winter season and, more recently, on 10 February in banská Bystrica, was third with a score of 1.90 m, this time is not subjected to the start of 1.85 m.

For the 400m is much stronger than the opponent was Tatiana Melnik. She crossed the finish line first, while setting a new personal record – 52,87 sec. The bar Risto Anna Ryzhikova “smooth” 400 metres overcame the third (53,14).

Another win on account of Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk. In the sector for long jump in the best attempt she showed 6,60 meters.

Anna Plotitsina was the second in run on 60 metres with barriers (8,04).

In sector for pole vaulting were made by the Marina Kilico. With a score of 4.40 meters, it is the fifth.

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