Attack and defense at the antipodes

Attack and defense down under


CF Montreal presents a beautiful paradox. He has the third-worst offense in MLS with 32 goals scored and the third-worst defensive record with 33 goals allowed.

The other paradox is that when you look at the statistics advanced, the team is advantageously in the category of goals expected by the opponent.

That is, it grants low scoring chances. And yet, in a game like Monday night in Los Angeles, the Galaxy hit the target on each of their four shots on target.

“We concede too many goals and it's annoying, admitted centre-back Rudy Camacho. We still have a forward-looking style of play. We are often one against one behind and as soon as we are not in a block and we do not put the necessary pressure in front, it becomes more complicated. »

A consequence

We can therefore deduce that if the team allows a lot of goals, it is because it scores a lot. Yes, that's a bit of a simplistic analysis, but it's still a consequence of the style of play practiced by the Bleu-blanc-noir.

“It's clear that if we stayed behind, maybe we'd concede fewer goals, but that's not what we want and that's not what the staffwants”, insisted Camacho, who does not want the training to change style.

“We have fun and when it works and everyone is on the same length of wave, we dominate our opponents.

“We behind, we have to be better than that. It's annoying because we are doing good performances overall. »

Miller is ready 

Defender Kamal Miller returned to play as a reserve against Los Angeles. Injured, he had missed the previous three matches.

“It was an injury that didn't limit me so much, so I could do a lot of things, but I couldn't run at real speed. match,” he explained.

Camacho hopes the return of his left-wing partner will stabilize the defensive game even if his presence alone cannot solve everything.

“If Kamal can give us a defensive solidity that we don't have at the moment, so much the better. But it is more a collective problem. ”