Attack on the Marine bar: a suspect in pre-trial detention, update on the ongoing investigation

Attack on the Marine bar: a suspect in pre-trial detention, update on the ongoing investigation

L’enquête a été menée par les services du commissariat d’Alès. Midi Libre – F. A.

One suspect in pre-trial detention, another under judicial supervision, the last two are left at large while awaiting their trial set for Thursday, July 11, in an immediate appearance procedure.

The four individuals aged 20 to 40, implicated in the attack at the Bar de la Marine this Sunday evening, were referred at the end of their custody period on sight, this Tuesday morning at the Alès judicial court.

Suspected of having struck, he is incarcerated

In order to discuss the offenses of aggravated violence, damage in meetings, and carrying weapons, the public prosecutor of Alès, Abdelkrim Grini, ordered the holding of a procedural hearing immediate appearance, for the four accused.

Two of them were summoned this Tuesday afternoon before the judge of freedoms and detention (JLD). While the prosecution had requested their placement in pre-trial detention, only one suspect was incarcerated pending Thursday's hearing at the Alès courthouse. The other was left under judicial supervision. The last two defendants will appear free.

A hearing in immediate appearance procedure

"Given the nature of the facts and knowing that one of the individuals presented is a repeat offender regarding the carrying of a weapon, immediate appearance is essential."

The facts date back to Sunday evening. Shortly after the election results were released, a group of eight individuals in two vehicles provoked customers at the Marine bar. A first individual entered the establishment and attacked a customer. A violent brawl then followed.

The political dimension confirmed

The individual was overpowered by other consumers. The attackers then came to the aid of their colleague and grabbed the stone slabs blocking the umbrella bases and threw them into the glass door. This was shattered. Several customers were slightly injured.

On the instructions of the city's camera operators, police officers from the anti-crime brigade (Bac) and municipal police officers quickly arrested the four suspects.

The political dimension of the affair is beyond doubt. As indicated by the prosecutor, "the four individuals are known to be linked to the far-left movement. One of them is listed as S for his membership in the antifa movement.

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