Attacked near her college, Samara left the hospital, her mother confided: “My duty as a mother is to do justice to my daughter”

Attacked near her college, Samara left the hospital, her mother confided: “My duty as a mother is to do justice to my daughter”

Hassiba, Samara's mother (here alongside the schoolgirl's grandmother, right) expects a lot from the investigation. – JEAN-MICHEL MART

The 13-year-old schoolgirl, violently attacked by a group of young people on Tuesday April 2 near the Arthur-Rimbaud college in Montpellier, was released from the hospital this Monday April 8. His mother, Hassiba, gives his news. One of his lawyers, Me Marc Gallix, blames "serious failings which have endangered Samara."

How is Samara, one week after her attack ?

She was released today (this Monday, April 8, Editor's note) at 1 p.m. from Lapeyronie hospital, with treatment because she is still prone to to epileptic seizures. She underwent an MRI and we are waiting for Thursday to get the opinion of imaging specialists. I think they're not too concerned, otherwise she wouldn't have come out. At the hospital, the caregivers pampered Samara, both in the anesthesia-resuscitation department and in pediatric neurology. Physically, we can say that she is doing well, but psychologically, she is not doing well.

How does this manifest ?

She was afraid to leave the hospital. She looked left, right, wore a hood. She went this afternoon (this Monday, April 8, Editor’s note) to the child psychiatry department. She doesn't talk too much. I was told it would take time. She has two appointments per week with the child psychiatrist and one appointment per week with a pediatric neurology nurse. To sleep, it’s very complicated. She goes to bed late and has trouble getting to sleep. We took turns with my mother to stay with her in the hospital. She is afraid of being alone. At home, she will find her bearings.

Does Samara tell you about the attack she suffered ?

Yes, she told me what had happened and added things. She told me: "no one told me not to leave college, so I left". She confirmed to me that three students had lured her from the entrance of the school towards the bus stop where the group who attacked her was located . She remembers what happened before the attack. But when she fell to the ground, she lost consciousness. And then, it’s a bit of a black hole.

Does the mission carried out by National Education to shed light on what happened reassure you? ?

I have a meeting tomorrow with the inspectors, I will tell you. I wrote down all the testimonies I collected. The Minister of National Education called me five times to get news from Samara. I heard from him. She didn't talk to me about school, she asked me how I was doing morally. It was support, reassurance. For the moment, the priority is not to find a college for Samara. She must first regain confidence in herself.

What do you expect from the current procedure?

I expect a lot from this investigation. They started interviewing people. For me, the harassment that Samara suffered is proven and confirmed. My duty as a mother is to do justice to my daughter.

As part of the investigation into the attack in Samara, three minors were arrested and indicted for attempted intentional homicide of a 15-year-old minor by the judge. ;instruction", indicated Friday April 5, the Montpellier public prosecutor's office. Also on Friday, two National Education inspectors went to Arthur-Rimbaud college for a "flash mission" of eight days in order, according to the rectorate, "to provide the most precise clarification, establish facts, responsibilities".

“Serious failings which have endangered Samara”, according to one of her mother's lawyers

In the violent attack of which the young Samara was the victim, Tuesday April 2, Me Marc Gallix, lawyer for the mother of the teenager with Me Luc Abratkiewicz, believes that: there were "serious breaches of the security obligation, which endangered Samara" on the part of the Arthur-Rimbaud college. "There was failure to come to the aid of a person in danger. Samara was allowed to leave the school even though young people had threatened her." Me Gallix is ​​waiting for her client to be heard and to have access to the procedure. He wishes to request, as part of the investigation, "that the principal of the college and the main teacher of Samara, who warned his mother, be interviewed&quot ;. Concerning the facts, he mentions "a planned attack which was not prevented by those who were responsible for supervising the child." Me Gallix specifies that her client must be heard, this Tuesday, April 9 at the rectorate by the two National Education inspectors dispatched to Montpellier by their ministry, in order to shed light on the facts.

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