Attempted assassination in Nîmes: “I saw death up close” says the targeted police officer at the trial of Richard Pérez and his relatives

Attempted assassination in Nîmes: “I saw death up close” says the targeted police officer at the trial of Richard Pérez and his relatives

Me Gilles Gauer et Me Fabien Perez, à droite, avocats de Richard Perez. MIDI LIBRE – FRANCOIS BARRERE

Richard Perez, the Nîmes businessman, nicknamed "The king of trash cans" is accused of having wanted to eliminate a rival with the help of several convicts, on February 23, 2013 in Nîmes. That evening, a police officer was also targeted by several shotgun shots upon arriving at the scene of the ambush. The five accused, who appear free before the Gard Assize Court, deny any involvement in this project. They risk life imprisonment. Verdict Friday.

"All my life I will have his eyes and his gaze in me. I’have seen death up close&quot ; recounted this Wednesday June 12 at the Gard Assize Court Jérôme, 48 years old, police officer targeted with a shotgun on February 23, 2013 at the Valvert residence in Nîmes by a hooded criminal.
Called by a resident, the Bac arrived around 8:30 p.m. near this group of buildings where a suspicious man had been reported "near a blue DS 3" says the police officer. He advances, alone towards one of the entrances, finds the car, flashes the lamp in the night.

"There are cops everywhere, you surrender!"

"An individual in all black, hooded, aims at me with a shotgun. I told him, you're dead, there are cops everywhere, you surrender! " The face-to-face, terrible, lasts about twenty seconds. "I put away my radio , I take my gun, I point it at him, we are face to face, he does not want to surrender." The man flees, then returns aiming at him. "I fired my four shots, I aimed low to neutralize him." The criminal fled, the policeman pursued him. "He fired his weapon twice in my direction, he cocked the third cartridge and fled."

"How can you be so affirmative ?"

Jérôme is certain: this shooter is indeed Jean-Baptiste Belliure, a convict from Agde, now 65 years old, who is now 65 years old. he admitted 22 months later in a confrontation with the judge.
"How can you be so assertive with someone you saw in the dark, moving ?"&amp ;nbsp;questions Me François Bermond, one of the accused’s lawyers.
"When you find yourself faced with an armed individual who wants to kill you, it marks you." Jean-Baptiste Belliure denies his presence.

DNA on the shotgun

But his DNA was identified on the stolen car and the shotgun abandoned there. Like that of Hakim Mammad, arrested by another crew, and who swears he came there from Lyon for an obscure affair of marital jealousy.
So what were these two doing in this parking lot ? "A little later a gentleman came out of the residence with his partner, it was Mr. Houlonne that I had already seen it and that's when I understood why there had been these armed individuals" continues the policeman.

Me Gontard :"And you say to yourself that they came for him ?" The policeman, who knew of his rivalry with Richard Perez,< em> "common knowledge" confirmed. "Yes, they were on either side of the porch, so they were waiting for someone to come out."

Another possible hypothesis ?

But is this the only possible hypothesis ? Me Fabien Perez files a document to sweep away the motive of revenge: the dismissal of the case rendered in 2010 in the investigation into the murder assassination of Roger Perez, killed by six bullets in January 2002 in Grande-Motte.
The investigators followed four hypotheses, "Raymond Houlonne's trail does not appear" notes the president. The PJ investigation director evades: "In this environment, suspicion can be enough to create desire for revenge."

A conflict around two bars in Nîmes

Me Gauer, Richard Perez's other lawyer, who denies having sought to kill his enemy, drives the point home.
He cites a BRI surveillance report from February 7, 2013, where two people from Nîmes are seen, one morning, passing slowly in front of the Valvert residence. "This surveillance suggests sightings at the home of Raymond Houlonne" reads the lawyer. Then he produced a report from another police department, detailing a conflict between two Nîmes bars, two owners and an employee, who fired shots after being attacked by relatives of the police. Houlonne. It was he who was seen lurking around the Valvert residence two weeks earlier.

Mafia reprisals

"We have a report that says there may be mafia reprisals, and there is no investigation ?" s’surprises the lawyer.
"It's getting on my nerves, this thing is starting to bore me!" Robert Alouache grumbles on his bench. For the PJ, he is implicated by a "cluster of clues", because of his proximity to Richard Perez and his telephone contacts with Hakim Mammad, arrested at the Valvert residence. "It’was to buy a vehicle! Madam President, I respect you but I can't hear stuff like that!" The president invites him to calm down. "This is the first warning, there will be no more!"&nbsp ;Verdict Friday.

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