Auditor's report: Fitzgibbon urged to unveil list of 10 companies he promoted

Verifier report: Fitzgibbon pressed to unveil 10 companies list which he favored

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Péquistes, liberals and solidaires ask the Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, to unveil the list of 10 companies that have been able to benefit from a privilege from him to obtain financial assistance pandemic even if they did not meet the criteria.

The former businessman authorized $ 68 million in loans to those companies that did not meet all the selection criteria for emergency aid programs, the Auditor General's annual report released on Wednesday revealed.

However, the clause allowing him to authorize a loan even if the company did not meet the criteria was not publicly disclosed, just as the names of the companies which had to obtain his blessing were not revealed.

What the opposition parties urged him to do on Thursday.

“There are companies that want to know how it works with the Minister of the Economy: do you have to call him on his cell phone, operate by email, so as not to have to meet the criteria?” the Liberal Economy spokesperson, Monsef Derraji, joked.

“The money that this minister manages is not his private money. He will have to change registers, he no longer works in the private sector “, launched his solidarity counterpart, Ruba Ghazal.

” The Birks jeweler had $ 10 million from PACTE program to get through the pandemic, underlined the Péquiste Pascal Bérubé. His difficulties were earlier. The business is controlled by its parent company in Bermuda. Was it one of the 10 that did not meet the criteria and still received it? “

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