Audrey Gagnon pleads guilty to the premeditated murder of her daughter Rosalie

Audrey Gagnon pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to the premeditated murder of her two-year-old daughter Rosalie.
In a loud, but trembling voice, the 25-year-old woman also acknowledged her guilt on the charge of contempt of the body. The two crimes were committed on April 17, 2018.

Audrey Gagnon was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Crown and the defense recommend that the Superior Court impose a period of 14 years before the woman can apply for parole.

The charge of contempt of the corpse is worth to Gagnon a sentence of five years, which will be served concurrently.

In arriving at this suggestion, the Crown and the defense considered the young age of the victim and her vulnerability. They also took into account, as aggravating factors, the violent nature of the crime.

As a mitigating factor, the parties note that Audrey Gagnon has been suffering from psychiatric disorders for several years already. She was followed at the Infant Jesus hospital and has already suffered from several toxic psychoses.

At the time of the murder, she was on a withdrawal program with methadone. Her multiple drug problem was said to be getting better since the birth of her daughter.

As a child, Audrey Gagnon was placed in foster care for six years because her parents, drug addicts, could not take care of it. She was later taken in by a family member, who allegedly abused her physically and psychologically. The young woman would be diagnosed with post-traumatic shock.

She was expelled from the Marie-Rollet accommodation center five days before the tragedy because she allegedly engaged in behavior that did not comply with the rules of the establishment. Without resources, with her daughter, she finally ended up at a friend’s place on avenue Gaspard in Charlesbourg.

Judge Carl Thibault of the Superior Court accepted the parties’ recommendation, consistent with the penalties generally imposed for second degree murder. “You have committed the irreparable, you have taken the life of your child, of your own flesh,” said Justice Thibault. Hoping that over time you will heal your inner wounds. ”

Many stab wounds

The child’s bloody stroller was found in Terrasse Bon-Air park in Charlesbourg on April 18, 2018 in the morning. The little one had been wanted for a few hours.

The young mother was located on avenue Gaspard in the afternoon the same day. She would have driven the police on avenue de Gaulle, to the garbage bin where she had left the little girl’s body.

According to the Crown’s summary of facts, the child was stabbed multiple times by the young mother, armed with a dagger. The autopsy report reveals that Rosalie’s small body had 32 head and back wounds. It is not excluded that the child was unconscious, but still alive, when the blows were struck. The pathology report suggests that the mother may have strangled her child.

The evidence shows that during the afternoon before the murder, the child cried a lot. Audrey Gagnon had also complained by text message of the little girl’s behavior.

Audrey Gagnon had thrown out all the elements of the crime scene. She also tried to say that her daughter was with a family member.

The guilty plea took place in a completely empty courtroom. The Crown contacted the few family members of the victim, who did not wish to be heard in court.

Audrey Gagnon’s jury trial was scheduled to begin on April 7, for a period of approximately two months.

The defense had filed several applications, including one on respect for the right to counsel. Audrey Gagnon was indeed arrested at 4:15 p.m. on April 18, 2018 by the major crimes unit of the Quebec police, but could not exercise her right to counsel until 7:30 p.m.

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