Audrey Lamy in interview for the Rebels : “I’ve always dreamed of playing a Tarantino film at the French”

Audrey Lamy in interview for the Rebels : “I always dream of playing a Tarantino film at the French”

After My Reum, Nicky Larson and Invisible, Audrey Lamy has fun in the film Rebel, now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, alongside Cécile de France and Yolande Moreau. PRBK has had the opportunity to meet the actress for the release of the feature film by Allan Mauduit : discover without further delay its interview.

When Sandra (Cécile de France), ex-Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, returned to live at his mother’s home in the North of France, after his break-up with her boyfriend, it’s a big failure to her, but she has no other choice than to do it with. She is then hired in the cannery local… without doubting for a single moment, that his life will never be the same after that. Well, yes, refusing the advances of her boss, she kills him accidentally in front of his colleagues Marilyn (Audrey Lamy) and Nadine (Yolande Moreau). All three then discover a bag full of tickets that will bring them a lot of trouble.

“Capillairement, I am far from Kill Bill”

If this pitch you tent, therefore, do not fail Rebels at the cinema from this Wednesday 13 march 2019. To talk to us about the film directed by Allan Mauduit, PRBK has had the opportunity to meet Audrey Lamy (Marilyn) : “What I liked about it is the scenario before the character. I’m completely back in the history (…) I have always dreamed of playing a Tarantino film at the French, a sort of Kill Bill. So there I am far from Kill Bill. Capillairement, I’m not Uma Thurman, that I grant you, but there was a small spirit tarantinesque that I immediately liked. And the character who is insane and who does not control anything, it is very nice to play, “explains the actress.

In speaking of his character, the former star of Scenes of households entrust to us : “I injected small things that to me, the energetic side, but after that, I thickened the lines, otherwise I would be crazy in real life (…) I am much more protective than Marilyn.

“There’s a side of Girl Power”

When asked if Rebels is an ode to Girl Power, Audrey Lamy replies : “Yes, there is a side of Girl Power because they will use the weapons, take their fate into their own hands and defend themselves. They will be friends because this story a little crazy with their falling over and they will seize an opportunity a little strange to become someone and be happy (…) I was super happy to have a filmmaker to write a screenplay hyper cheeky and offer it to the heroines, and not to guys. We are actresses, we too want to handle weapons.

Rebel is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Interview by Lola Maroni. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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