Aug 7: what a feast, the signs of the day and what not to do

Learn about the most important holidays and events August 7 in history

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7 августа: какой праздник, приметы дня и что нельзя делать

7 Aug celebrate the Dormition of the righteous Anna, mother of the blessed virgin Mary

August 7 is the 219th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Before the end of the year there are 146 days. Birthdays – Anna (Anna), Makar, Olympic Games. In côte d’ivoire celebrate Republic Day in Kiribati is the youth Day, and in Western Samoa – labor Day. Orthodox Christians celebrate the Dormition of the righteous Anna, mother of the blessed virgin.

“Today,” they write, a birthday is celebrated by Ukrainians on 7 August 2019. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs on 7 August.

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Aug 7: what holiday do’s and don’ts

In the Church August 7 venerated the memory of Saint Anna – mother of Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ. Anna was born in the family priest and was married to Joachim, with whom she lived in Nazareth. Despite numerous attempts to conceive a child, the children the couple never showed up. But one day, Joachim retired to the desert, an angel appeared who told them that Anna will soon give birth to a daughter. Joachim returned home, and soon his wife indeed gave birth to a girl. The name Maria only received on the 15th day in the Jewish tradition. By the way, named her as commanded to do by the angel, saying that the name of the daughter of Anna and Joachim prepared by the Lord himself.

Advised to submit prayers to Saint Anne, if you only dream about the baby – to ask about it, if you already have children, to thank and pray about their health.

Signs on 7 August

  • Light and warmth on 7 August – a sign that the winter will be without a large amount of snow, and Vice versa.
  • Cold this morning – winter is too icy to be.
  • What day is August 7 to lunch – and this is the winter until December month.
  • Stork flocks gather in winter is cold and early.
  • Cool morning – early winter comes the Ants.
  • 7 Aug dramatically increase your ant – most likely, winters will be quite cold.

7 Aug: important and interesting events in the history of

1782 in St. Petersburg was opened a monument to Peter I “bronze horseman”.

1840: Britain has banned the use of children as chimney sweeps.

1907 Russian physicist Boris Rosing received a patent for the invention of the first system for producing a television image.

1932 – in the USSR for the theft of state and collective ownership on a large scale introduced the death penalty – the “law of spikelets”.

1993 – in London for the first time opened for tourists a part of Buckingham Palace.

Who was born 7 Aug

1819 – Panteleimon Kulish, a Ukrainian writer, poet, folklorist, ethnographer, translator, critic, editor, publisher, public figure, member of the Cyril and Methodius society.

1901 – Julia Solntseva (Peresvetov), Russian Soviet actress, film Director (“Aelita”, “poem of the sea”, “Enchanted Desna”, “the Tale of fiery years”). The wife of film Director Alexander Dovzhenko.

1947 – Sofia Rotaru, Ukrainian singer.

1958 – Larisa Karlova, Ukrainian handball.

1966 – born Jimmy Wales, American Internet entrepreneur. The ideologists of the concept of the Wiki, the founder of Wikipedia, President of Wikimedia Foundation.

1970 – born Vlada Litovchenko, the Ukrainian model.

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