Aurélie Dotremont explains why she wears a wig and speaks on her illness

Aurélie Dotremont forced to wear a wig : she confides about his illness

Violently taclée on his physique by users, Aurélie Dotremont out of the silence to explain the reason that justifies her wearing a wig in the episodes of the Angels 11. It is about Snapchat that the candidate took the floor in tears to confide his or her illness, bulimia.

Since the launch of the Angels 11 in Miami, Aurélie Dotremont does not really do the unanimity with the viewers. Many blame his behavior arrogant and excessive, while others criticize about his physique, especially on her hair or rather her wig. Tired by these messages of hate, the ex-candidate of Moundir and apprentices adventurers has today decided to respond by delivering a testifying quite poignant.

“I had no other choice than to shave the head”

It is on Snapchat as she revealed the reason to wear a wig : “Before I go shooting, I had a lot of worries. I also cancelled the shoot, but we were able to convince me to go there. It was soon that I found a solution. It’s been years that I’m sick. I’m not going to go into detail, those who know me know of what disease I’m talking about. This sounds to me rot life and it kills me from the inside as from the outside.

I started losing my hair in mass before heading out to The Angels and, therefore, it was necessary to find a solution. I had to remove all my extensions, I’ve had no other choice than to shave the head. I can no longer look at myself in a mirror when I no longer have the wig on the head. Today, I can finally understand what it feels like for a girl not to have hair“, she adds, in tears. For those who do know may not be, Aurélie Dotremont suffers from bulimia for several years.

Nathanya and Sephora will react violently

If Sarah Fraisou and Astrid Nelsia have lent their support to the candidate of the Angels 11, Nathanya, she has reacted quite violently to the statement that called The Dotré : “I am sorry for it sincerely. I hope that it will heal and that God will bring him health. In the meantime, it does not forgive in any case his behavior with me, Montaine and Celine. What you do, it has nothing to do. It is not necessary to mix everything. It is useless to look for mercy (…) You are doing wrong and after you come to apologize. In life, we can be naughty freely with the people and this is what you do“, she ratted on Snapchat.

Nathanya (Angels 11) tackle Aurélie Dotremont

For its part, Sephora, who is in a relationship with Kentin, she is also down Aurélie Dotremont : “I assume love the fake hair. I had a weave and she had me clasher on it and say, ‘yeah, with your hair like a poodle’. I critiqued on her wig because she is allowed to criticize my weaving (…) If you have the balls to tell me face to face what did you say filming, I hope that your hair will be well set.


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