Australia : 5 million people are again confined to Melbourne

Australie : 5 millions de personnes à nouveau confinées à Melbourne

Five million people are again confined since Thursday in Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, which is experiencing a resurgence of cases of novel coronavirus.

The inhabitants received the order to stay confined to their homes during six weeks after the failure of the measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

The State of Victoria, where Melbourne, closed on Wednesday all of its borders in order to preserve the rest of Australia, which up to now has managed to control the epidemic of Covid-19.

However, on Wednesday, a large influx of people to the border with the neighbouring State of New South Wales has to fear a risk of spread. The epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws told the ABC that “a few cases from Victoria (can) make switch “the situation” an epidemic difficult to control “.

The first minister of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklian has announced that two cases of Covid-19 had been registered at Albury, a city located on the border of the State of Victoria.

In Melbourne, this new containment will have far-reaching consequences for economic and it is expected to cost up to 1 billion australian dollars (615 million euros) per week.

The authorities are also concerned about the consequences on the mental health of the inhabitants of a second containment, the first having been lifted just a few weeks.

The restaurants and cafés will no longer be able to serve dishes to take away, while the rooms of gyms and cinemas are again forced to close their doors.

All in all, the locals seem to support these new measures. “The containment was necessary, otherwise the number of cases would not have fallen “, has told AFP one of them, Vani Kumar.

The authorities are now waiting for the results of an extensive screening campaign carried out in huge towers housing social housing inhabited by approximately 3000 people. An outbreak is in fact appeared in one of these towers, and the inhabitants received on Saturday ordered to remain shut inside their homes for five days.

Government employees are also door-to-door in Melbourne to encourage people to get tested. About 10 000 people have refused to submit to after you have read false information on social networks.

Australia has 25 million inhabitants, has recorded a little less than 9,000 cases of coronavirus and 106 deaths. Outside of the State of Victoria, the country has experienced little new infections, most of them travellers returning from abroad and forced to stay back in quarantine in hotels.

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