Australia: Committed to fulfill a fantasy, they are wrong from home

Australie: Engag├ęs pour assouvir un fantasme, ils se trompent de maison

SYDNEY | An Australian who, armed with a machete, had been committed for breaking into the home of a client, attach it, and stroke it with a broom has been declared not guilty, after gone to the wrong address.

Terrence Leroy, a native of Sydney, and an associate, presented a Sunday morning in July at Goolgowi, a rural town of New South Wales, armed and ready to satisfy the sexual fantasies of a client who had contacted on Facebook, according to documents made public by the district court of New South Wales.

Taking these intruders for a friend who had the habit of coming to him to prepare his coffee, the inhabitant of the house where they penetrated was first to reflex, hearing a noise, then run: “Casse-toi! It is too early”.

But when the intruders announced the name of their client, the man still in his bed, and hurried to turn on the light, to find the two friends in his room with machetes.

Realizing the mistake, one of two partners apologized and shook hands with the man.

During the trial, the lawyer for Mr. Leroy said that he didn’t had the intention to intimidate anyone.

“There was a commercial contract for the attach and stroke it with a broom, the man half naked in their underwear”, he said.

After being excused and having taken leave, the duo had gone with their driver to the right address.

But instead of a sexual relationship, the client prepared the breakfast, and Mr. Leroy fell asleep on the couch.

Called by the inhabitant of the first house, the police arrived shortly after.

The client was willing to pay up to 5 000 australian dollars (4580 $) if the benefit was “really good”, according to the court.

Judge Sean Grant said he was convinced that Mr. Leroy was well in the wrong address.

“The machetes were for them of accessories”, he recognized. “The scenario was not written and they were quite free to perform their services”.

Sued for “intimidation”, Mr Leroy has been cleared of any offence on may 15.

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