Australia plans to pose as the refuge for hong Kong

L’Australie envisage de se poser en refuge pour les Hongkongais

Australia said Thursday consider of asking a refuge for hong Kong people who would like to leave the ex-british colony because of the new security bill imposed by Beijing, a position which may worsen its already tense relations with China.

The Prime minister of australia Scott Morrison has judged the situation in hong kong “very worrying” and announced that his government was considering how “very active” for the offer to host the residents of the region chinese.

Asked if Australia could eventually provide a form of asylum to hong Kong, he answered “yes” to a reporter.

He said that this measure would be quickly considered by his government, intimating that it will be adopted.

“It is important, and very consistent with what we are,” he said.

The british government announced on Wednesday to extend the rights of immigration for the people of Hong Kong considered that the new law on national security imposed by China constituted a “manifest violation” of the autonomy of the territory.

The Uk returned in 1997 Hong Kong to China, provided that its former colony retains certain freedoms, and the autonomy and legislative and judicial for 50 years.

The text promulgated on Tuesday evening, after a wave of protests unprecedented in the past year in Hong Kong, plans to punish the activities of the separatists, “terrorists”, the subversion or foreign interference in the autonomous territory to chinese.

A lot of criticism of the influence of China, see the national security act as the final nail on the coffin of the principle of “One country, two systems”.

The relations between China and Australia have worsened considerably in recent times.

In mid-June, the australian government revealed that the country had been the target of a large cyber attack by a “state actor”, the media pointing the finger at China.

Canberra had provoked the wrath of Beijing by calling for an independent international investigation on the origins of the pandemic coronavirus, and in denouncing a chinese diplomatic and aggressive and dishonest.

China has responded by advising its nationals to Australia as a destination for tourism and study and taken trade sanctions against australian produce.

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