Australian experts have come to some interesting conclusions about aliens

Австралийские эксперты пришли к интересным выводам о пришельцах

According to scientists, the aliens do not come from the underdevelopment of the mind.

In the edition of Astrobiology, an article appeared which provides a reason why the aliens don’t want to get in touch. All conclusions were made by Australian scientists, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The answer, as it turns out, is pretty simple: intelligent aliens do not exist. The fact that exoplanets exist for a short time. Even if they are born and living, she has no time to develop skills for communication. It turns out that only on Earth there are adequate conditions for the continuation of life. It’s possible that aliens are the simplest forms of life, which people still very far away.

4 billion years ago on Venus, Mars and Earth were about the same condition. However, over time they have changed a lot. So, Mars has become unbearably cold, while Venus is very hot.

Scientists believe that people will eventually find on other planets for signs of life. However, most likely, all the representatives of alien civilizations are already dead.

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