Autodrome de Granby: David Hébert wins in Granby after Félix Roy

Autodrome de Granby: David Hébert wins in Granby after Fé lix Roy


David Hébert won the main event of the evening which marked Friday the last appearance in 2022 of the Big Blocks category on the clay courts of Autodrome Granby.

The veteran driver, who started in 12th place on the starting grid (following the draw), was able to move up the peloton while avoiding a spectacular accident at the start of the course , to win ahead of Michaël Parent and Steve Bernier.

“The car performed very well,” said the winner as he got out of the car. That's why I was able to progress from 12th place to first, even though a pileup happened in front of me. the final was marked by the swerve of François Bellemare, who, fortunately, was not injured, like the other pilots involved.

The youngest winner

Behind the leading trio, Jean-François Corriveau, François Bernier, Mathieu Desjardins, Félix Roy, Jérémy Roy, Maxime Plante and Kevin Hamel completed the top 10.

The young stock-car driver on clay Félix Roy celebrated his victory with all his supporters last week, at Autodrome Granby.

Speaking of Félix Roy, he became, last week in Granby, the youngest driver in Canada to win an event in the Modified category (358).

He dedicated his victory to his cousin Médrick Marion, who died tragically at the Bromont ski center in 2020.

“I am sure that Médrick helped me achieve this first victory. I am happy to have won in front of all my family and supporters. I also want to thank my entire team, including Steve Morin and Éric Laperle, who prepared a great car for me,” he mentioned. at the age of just 17. He is the brother of Jérémy, also a stock-car driver on clay, and the son of Martin, who notably has 24 starts (between 2013 and 2017) in the Xfinity Series, the antechamber of the NASCAR Cup. < /p>