Automobile: at the Rallye du Gard, the Historics are rushing to the start!

Automobile: at the Rallye du Gard, the Historics are rushing to the start!

The Ford Escort RS 2000 (Group 2) of Frédéric Agrelo and Vincent Breuille will provide the show. Midi Libre – Alain Lauret

Historic rallies are growing strongly in the Gard. There will be around forty competitors, Saturday June 15, aiming for victory in VHC and VHRS on the occasion of the 51st Rallye national du Gard (French Cup).

If the Gard organizers can pride themselves on holding the upper hand in the landscape of modern rallies in Occitanie Méditerranée, they can also pride themselves on having set up historic rallies which are developing strongly . This is the case with the Rallye du Gard, contested this Saturday around Alès.

At the start of the Pôle Mécanique, the event's hub, there will be twenty-two competitors on Saturday 15 June, aiming for victory in VHC (historic competition vehicles), including a high proportion from Gard. Driven by Pascal Serre, a well-known French co-driver, the “Véache&rdquo will see leading drivers sometimes from far away compete alongside local drivers led by Thierry Marcobal (BMW M3), the fiery Fred Agrélo (Ford Escort), the local Alain Fleury (205 Gti) or the fast Bastien Roquier (R 11 Turbo group A).

Belgium, Switzerland, the rally is going international

We will notably follow the Porsche 911 SC of Damien Urbain (vice-champion of France VHC), the Ascona of the Nice native Christian Salmon, the Porsches of Pascal Perroud, Thierry Bousquet and Alain Triniane, the Fords of the Belgian preparer Angelo Deseayer (MK 1 RS 1.6) or the Swiss Célimène Lachenal. The director of the mechanical division, Jérémy Marin Cudraz, will support his father Stéphane at the wheel of an R5 GT.

In VHRS (historic sports regularity vehicles), the field is particularly varied and we will follow a 206 WRC, that of Michel Verbiguiè, a 306 T 3 Glace, a Dauphine Proto or an NSU 1 000 TTS among twenty-four competitors who will have to respect imposed averages.

A rally? No, five!

In addition to the modern rally, the VHC and the VHRS, two other rallies are on the program: the VMRS (modern sports regularity vehicles), a competitive event, and the Legend rally (demonstration of historic vehicles) which does not give rise to a classification and which is responsible for opening the route.

237.83 km, including 7 special stages with a total length of 100.347 km. Saturday June 15, departure at 7:30 a.m. for 2 special stages to be completed 3 times: La Beaume-Le Pendedis, 20 km, at 8 a.m. ;23, 12 h 04, 3 h 45 and Sainte-Cécile-d’Andorge-La Tavernole, 9.4 km, 9  nbsp;h 21, 13h 02, 16h 43. Last special on the Alès Mechanical Pole rally track at 5:36 p.m. I subscribe to read more

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