Autumn makeup: what color mascara relevant in the new season

Tips makeup artist for the selection of carcasses for the fall of 2019

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Colored mascara trend of the fall season. The correspondent of “Today” asked makeup artists how to use it.

Lilac, pink, red and even orange mascara is applied on both the eyelashes and along the entire length for a rich hue.

Experiment with colored mascara “Today” offering movie and theatre actress Svetlana Zabrodina. Star, the heroine must choose one of the shades for a fashionable make-up. The girl oscillates between purple and blue. But stops at the color of the sky. Blondes and green-eyed beauties makeup artists also suggest the blue palette in makeup.

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“Color ink helps us do brighter eyes – if the eyes are gray-blue, gray-green, respectively. Purple suit brown-eyed girls. Different brands use it, brown eyed girls, because they are most suitable shades,” says makeup artist Natalia Gorelikova.

To put the color ink in various ways. However, day or evening makeup. For example, in everyday life – enough to paint only the lower lashes. And festive way to make more expressive: on top of the black, apply a blue mascara. However, to continue to dream further, combining color.

Осенний макияж: какие цвета туши актуальны в новом сезоне

The seasonal trend – colored mascara

“I’ll tell you when I saw Natalia’s two mascaras in blue and purple – I wanted two! To try two! We did it! And you know, I really like that transformation,” says the actress.

Thanks to the trend for natural beauty in fashion today, and brown mascara. This kind of cosmetics will not hit on the wallet fashionistas – it is like black,” says makeup artist.

Also it often happens that your make-up does not survive until the evening, and floats directly into his eyes. So nothing happened, we previously told you how to keep eye makeup in any weather.

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Осенний макияж: какие цвета туши актуальны в новом сезоне

Осенний макияж: какие цвета туши актуальны в новом сезоне

Осенний макияж: какие цвета туши актуальны в новом сезоне


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