Autumn palette: what bag to choose in the new season

Parse with the stylist major trends autumn 2019

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In the list of current styles of handbags for fall 2019 – “baguette” and “trainer”. Moreover, they propose to wear at the same time. The most interesting from the world of fashion accessories said Natalia Timoshina.

A small bag like Carrie Bradshaw from the American TV series “Sex and the city” – trend this autumn!

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“Autumn 2019 is inspired by several previous periods in fashion, in particular, for example, zero, and in this season there is a popular model of the bag – people say, bag-baguette. From time to time, fashion bags returns,” says co-owner of the brand of handmade bags Alina Ocheretyany.

Осенняя палитра: какую сумку выбрать в новом сезоне


For fans of the classics Alina advises mid-sized handbags. But the Ukrainians, who like all his to carry, stylist Irena of Vincuk offers bags-shapery:

“This shopping – as evidenced by the name itself. It can fit all or even a huge sports form for training. The city can combine large bags with microsummary. Actually microsome incredibly relevant,” recommends stylist.

Осенняя палитра: какую сумку выбрать в новом сезоне


Speaking about the most fashionable colors of women’s accessory this fall, Irena advises to choose unusual shades: “Look at this combination of colors – here is presented the autumn palette: “duck cheddar” – such a beautiful interesting color between orange and mustard. “Bikin red” – “red Bicycle” also at the peak of popularity. And “peach cream”! He is very gentle, romantic”.

The fashionable handbags will be the clutches of large forms that fold in half. How convenient with such models every day, hard to say, because they are only in the hand.

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