Auxiliary health and social services claim for their recognition in Quebec city

Des auxiliaires en santé et services sociaux revendiquent leur reconnaissance à Québec

Auxiliary health and social services are preparing to spend the night in front of the national Assembly, in Quebec city, to recognize their role in a time of pandemic survey of the quebec population.

These assistants, who provide care primarily in the home, have been very active during the pandemic, with more vulnerable people.

“We want the population to recognize the home care assistant health and social services. Too often, we are confused with the attendants so that one perceived them as our cousins,” explains the organizer of the event, Stéphanie Baby.

The latter compares his profession to “4 in 1” since the assistants work with nurses, occupational therapists and social workers, among others.

Together for pay equity

In addition to the recognition of their profession, the group of ancillary health and social services advocate also for pay equity relative to other sectors of the health field.

“There has never been fairness on the side of wage-compared to the standard level of the trades occupied by men”, supports an auxiliary encountered by TVA News.

“We want to go look for pay equity since 2010 we offer to our governments to make a further effort to assist us in our conditions and in our salaries,” says another auxiliary to the micro of our journalist.

A temporary encampment and tents were installed late Saturday afternoon. Sunday, a tribute will be given to the people who died from COVID-19.

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