Avengers 4 – Endgame : massive spoilers to come ? The filmmakers ask the help of the fans

Avengers 4 - Endgame : énormes spoilers à venir ? Les réalisateurs demandent l'aide des fans

Avengers 4 – Endgame : massive spoilers to come ? The filmmakers ask the help of the fans

This is one of the films most anticipated of the year, the Avengers 4 – Endgame is about to shock us, and we put full eyes. And in order to maintain this impact and to avoid even the slightest spoiler, the directors have requested the help of fans.

In one week, friendships may break up, families break up, social networks ignite. The reason for this ? It is the 24th of April, that Avengers 4 – Endgame out to the cinema. However, this film – which should last about 3 hours, will aim to turn the page on the MCU current, and should so for the occasion we offer a lot of things : combat, returns, deaths, resolutions, and paths for the future. Promise epic and kiffantes to see it in theaters and that could be the object… of spoilers.

The war of the spoilers

Result, in order to avoid the drama and the outbreak of a Third world War, the brothers Russo – the directors, they had the good idea to post a very important letter to the fans where they asked them to preserve the surprises coming, and respect the work of the teams.

There is. This is the end. The end of the mosaic narrative of unprecedented that has been growing for 11 years and 11 franchises. (…) Please know that we have all the two, accompanied by the entire team, worked tirelessly for the last 3 years with the only intention to offer you a surprising conclusion, and powerful emotionally. Knowing that many of you have invested your time, your heart and your soul through these stories, we ask you once again for your help. When you see Endgame, not the spoilez not to others, so that you would not be yourself. Remember, Thanos request your silence”.

The message is passed, the question remains whether the public still respect enough to Thanos to listen to it. With the recent theory surrounding the Ant-Man and its buttocks, the great villain has largely lost credibility…


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