Avengers 4 : Tom Holland does not know what happens in the movie… because of the spoilers !

Avengers 4 : Tom Holland ne sait pas ce qu'il se passe dans le film... à cause des spoilers !

Avengers 4 : Tom Holland does not know what happens in the movie… because of the spoilers !

Avengers 4 : Endgame arrives in cinemas on April 24 in France and it was always looking forward to see the movie ! It is surely not the only want to know if Thanos will be a kick up the backside by our super favorite heroes : present an event, one of the directors said that the same Tom Holland aka Spider-Man does not know what happens in the film. Not surprising, since the actor is a specialist in spoilers.

Spoilers, it’s a little the worst thing that can happen to a fan of the series or movies. They come from a friend or a stranger, during a conversation or on the web, they are never fun and can even annoy more than one. The players are normally pretty well trained to avoid the spoilers… but not all !

Tom Holland, king of the gaffe

Even if he has joined the world very secret of Marvel playing Peter Parker / Spider-Man, Tom Holland is not really very gifted when it comes to protecting the secrets of the films of the franchise. The proof : he has made several gaffes in the past such as revealing the title of the second film solo is centered on Spider-Man too early. More annoying, he had blagué at a screening of Avengers : Infinity War, announcing on stage,”Surprise, I’m alive” (in reference to the death of his character at the end of the movie)… so that the public had not yet seen ! Small spoilers that seem to have still a little worried about Marvel that made a radical decision for Avengers : Endgame.

Prohibited scenario for Avengers 4

As said to Joe Russo, co-director of the film, Tom Holland has not had the right to read the script of the film before or even during filming. “Tom has not had the script. He has his lines of dialogue and that’s all. He doesn’t even know who he has in front of him. We only use vague terms to describe to him what happens in the scene because it was really hard to be quiet” he confided during an event, reports ComicBook. A technique that is already used on the previous film the Avengers , but that had not prevented the player to make a dumpling. It is hoped that he will be able to keep up this time !


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