Aveyron: RC Rougier is only one match away from a fifth semi-final of the Occitanie challenge

Aveyron: RC Rougier is only one match away from a fifth semi-final of the Occitanie challenge

Les camarésiens devront s’appuyer sur leurs points forts pour vaincre Séméac ce dimanche. Midi Libre – MICHEL DURAND

The Camaresians face the Bigourdans of Séméac this Sunday, April 14 in Aucamville, near Toulouse. 

RC Rougier continues its adventure in the quarter-finals of the   Occitanie challenge. The match will take place this Sunday on neutral ground on the Aucamville lawn in the Toulouse area. The southern Aveyron club will be opposed to Séméac, a club from the Hautes Pyrénées located near Tarbes. In the previous match, the Séméacais won 22 to 12 against the Villemur Fronton sports union.

A match during which they scored 4 tries, 3 of which were from their forwards. A result that their coach Stéphane Dasté puts into perspective: "We did not particularly dominate this match. We knew how to play with the wind. We were very pragmatic." As for his team, he described it as being &quot ;very playful and very young with an average age of 23 years." while specifying that "this youth was a strong point and a weak pointble." For this meeting the squad should be in full " taking into account normal end-of-season injuries ".

The voluntarism of the RC Rougier coach

The club that  has a reserve this year has been playing in Regional 2 for 4 years after having experienced the promotion of honor in the past.  The match promises to be contested between two teams who reached the semi-finals of the competition last season. The Camaresians now have some experience in this area. They will seek a fifth semi-final in a row! Which in itself is already a good performance but they hope to at least play a final this year.

Roland Roques, the coach of Rougier is determined to say the least: "Our objective is the semi-finals. Everything is in order. We had two great training sessions with attentive players. We reviewed certain areas of play such as carried balls which did not work against Eauze. The group is calm and motivated. The watchword is whatever happens, above all, don't have regrets." After a season narrowed by the cancellation of several matches in the regular season, the team regained its automatisms and showed itself to be particularly efficient in conquest with a particularly efficient scorer G Cambon. Assets that will be necessary against the Séméacais.

The team: A Félices- L Valat- S Cottier- G Cambon- S Nouvel- T Reynès- A Bernat- J Saussol- W Artières- R Bousquel- R Rivier- R Dressayre- T Vaissac- N Félices J Espitalier ( C) R:A Thomas- B Gaven- A Gaven- R Girard- L Chincholle- N Gayraud- Y Cambon

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