Awards: 22 albums celebrating their 25th anniversary

Palmarès: 22 albums celebrating their 25th anniversary


There are albums that mark and certain pieces on albums that refer to unforgettable moments in life. As 2022 begins, here are 22 albums celebrating their 25th anniversary, straight off the charts of my late teens.

OK Computer< /strong> 


Radiohead's excellent third album finds its way into all best album lists of all eras. Acclaimed by critics and the public, it touched us as much for the intensity and unique voice of Thom Yorke as for his social position. Thrills and back in time guaranteed listening to Karma Police and Paranoid Android.  

Urban Hymns  

The Verve 

I had the chance to see this album explode from the front row while I was living in London at the time of its release. The piece Bitter Sweet Symphony was playing everywhere and opened the door to the discovery of a solid and touching album that introduced us to the group on this side of the ocean. Big weakness for the song The Drugs Don’t Work.  

The Velvet Rope  

Janet Jackson

Janet's Sixth Album Jackson marked a turning point in the career of Michael's sister and an entire generation with her pieces addressing strong topics such as depression and sexuality. Together Again lyricswill come back to you like magic, you'll see! 

Time Out Of Mind  

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's thirtieth studio album was produced by Quebecer Daniel Lanois. His sweet pieces, imbued with sincerity and poetry quickly seduced the public and critics and many music lovers consider this album to be a masterpiece.

Be Here Now 


The popular English rock band's highly anticipated third album did not disappoint early fans. Don’t Go Away remains my favorite track from this album which was the fastest selling album in the UK at the time.



We still listen to this album often and this group at home, a quarter of a century after its release. Second album of the English trip hop group, it marked the spirits with its pieces with mysterious and sensual atmospheres. Listen to Undenied with your better half and you'll understand everything.  

Dig Your Own Hole 

The Chemical Brothers

Block Rockin' Beatis the song that made me discover – and fall in love with – electronic music. Precursor, inventive and absolutely mind-blowing on stage, the duo has certainly made it possible to democratize electro music with this second album.

Louise Attack  < /h3>

Louise Attaque 

As we danced to the piece I take you to the wind! The first album of the same name by the French group Louise Attaque shook the French scene as much as it did in Quebec. Listening to it again today, it's hard not to make an amusing parallel with the music of our Fringants Cowboys. 

School of the Money Mic 


Often Qualified as a classic of French rap, this second album by the Marseille group IAM conquered an entire generation in a very short time. It only took two days to turn into a gold record and has sold more than a million copies in France and around the world. 


Our Lady Peace

Who didn't have a weakness for the distinctive voice of the (seductive and intense) Canadian singer Raine Maida? I've lost count of the times I've seen the band live, let alone the times my friends and I sang, as if our lives depended on it, the lyrics to Superman's Dead, Clumsy, 4 Am and Automatic Flowers.

Buena Vista Social Club 

Buena Vista Social Club

No one could have predicted that this album intended to revive pre-revolution Cuban music would be just as successful. Numerous concerts and even a film followed! At home, we still listen to it when we feel like dancing while cooking. 


Daft Punk

Impossible not to waddle to the perfect beat of Around The World(and everything else from the French group Daft Punk's debut album, in fact!) With this album and their masked and costumed performances, the duo from Paris were at the origin of the electronic music movement called “french touch”.  

< p>


Sarah McLachlan

This fourth studio album by the Canadian singer could represent in itself my year 1997. Building a Mystery, Sweet Surrender, Adia, Angel: these songs have not aged a bit and remind us why this album – recorded in Quebec – has risen to the top of the charts here and elsewhere and has won so many awards.&nbsp ; 

The Color and The Shape  

Foo Fighters

This second album of the group led by Dave Grohl came to conquer many hearts, including even those of people who were not necessarily fond of hard rock. We all know the melody and lyrics of the chorus of My Hero and the excellent track Everlong.  



We listened a lot to this debut album by the late Quebec group Okoumé. With the pieces The noise of origins, Tell Me Not That and The Moon is Crying, the band made it to the top 10 radio charts.  

Men in Black  

Movie soundtrack with Will Smith 

If a song can define the success of an album, here is a prime example. With the song Men in Black interpreted by Will Smith, this album found itself for two consecutive weeks at the top of the charts


Depeche Mode 

The ninth studio album of the English group seems to have helped this one to get out of a dark period (departure of Alan Wilder, attempted suicide and overdose of singer Dave Gahan). The piece It’s No Good – catchy with its psychedelic sounds – still plays regularly at home.

The strength to understand   


This album changed the vision of so many people – including mine – of what rap music and rap music in Quebec could be. What a joy to discover hip-hop pieces delivered in French and spiced up with melodic refrains in English! The songs Soul Pleureur and The Force to Understand are also solid, 25 years later.  



It can be said that the piece Song 2 has, on its own, created a revolution ! She played everywhere and allowed the group to reinvent the codes of British pop. We all remember the strong emotion felt when we heard it for the very first time.   

Third Eye Blind  

Third Eye Blind

We heard a lot and listened to Semi-Charmed Life playing literally everywhere. Listening to it again today, it fits – along with the rest of the album – in my box of guilty pleasures that marked the time of my transition to adulthood. 

Let's Face It  

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Even thing for this album by ska band The Mighty Mighty Bosstoneswhose sales exploded thanks to the song The Impression That I Get.  

Come on Over   

Shania Twain

The Canadian country queen's third album allowed her to indulge in more intimate ways, including writing lyrics to his songs. It also allowed her to be recognized worldwide, as this album became one of the best-selling albums in history. 

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