Awards: our favorite songs of August

Palmarès: our favorite songs from August

, Raphaël Gendron-Martin and Sarah-Émilie Nault MISE À DAY

They may have accompanied you on the vacation route. Perhaps they will also punctuate your return to school. Otherwise, it's up to you to discover them. These are our ten favorite songs of August.

Above Ground Pool, Les Trois Accords

(CB) – It's silly, catchy, it makes margarita rhyme with pergola and my seven-year-old son has adopted it (it's on his personal reading list): two other pieces of robots for Les Trois Accords.

I hear everything playing (in your head), Daniel Bélanger

Daniel Bélanger

(SEN) – The great Daniel Bélanger finally returns with a new song. He recently shared an excerpt from this superb premiere piece on his new Tik Tok account, garnering 30,000 listens in just 48 hours, a figure that continues to soar.

< em>We will burn, Milk & Bone

(RGM) – This is a rare opportunity to hear the duo Milk & Bone sing in French. Here, Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne take over the very beautiful piece by the Frenchwoman, and Quebecer by adoption, Pomme. As always, the two voices of the performers blend perfectly. To listen without reserve.

< em>My love, Stromae and Camila Cabello

(CB) – An unexpected collaboration between the American star and the Belgian star that hits the mark. This title with an undeniably summery melody, pleasant without being unforgettable, flirts dangerously with low-level savvy, but Stromae's sense of formula triumphs as always.

That Depends On You, Valaire feat. Alan Prater


(SEN) – The music video for this piece – announcing Valaire's big comeback after six years of absence on record – is as crazy as anything Luis Clavis' beautiful band has gotten us used to. It's festive, catchy and completely wacky; we are still talking about a mechanic struggling with… an egg playing Valaire! The 5th opus is scheduled for winter 2023.

< em>See you soon, Vanille


(RGM) – Revealed in January 2021 with her first full album, Vanille, real name Rachel Leblanc, has just released the extract from her new album, which will be released in the winter of 2023. On See you soon, the songwriter picks up exactly where she left off. We find ourselves immersed in sounds inspired by the 1960s and 1970s all gently.

Drunken Lands, Duu


(CB) – Duu is the project of Étienne Dupré, a musician unknown to the general public, but very involved on the independent scene. This excerpt from an upcoming album wades effectively in the indie rock waters of the turn of the 2010s. Think Grizzly Bear or Karkwa in its exploratory phases.

James Dean, LARCHE

(SEN) – We love the voice of LARCHE, singer-songwriter and actor, originally from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, which one would sometimes think straight from France with its felt texts and its way of telling/singing things. The piece is taken from the beautiful album Once upon a time there was a boy like you, produced by the unique Navet Confit.

< em>Sails, Flore Laurentienne

Flore Laurentienne

(RGM) – On October 21, Mathieu David Gagnon will launch Volume II . With Veils, the artist unveils the second extract of this highly anticipated opus. Here, the musician realizes a small dream he had: “to hear eight clarinettists play together in the same room”. The result is very successful.

< /p>

Corail, Caroline Savoie

(CB) – She made The Voice , won Granby, yet Acadian Caroline Savoie still eludes us. Yet she is a gifted songwriter, endowed, as evidenced by Corail, with a voice in perfect harmony with her folk musical aesthetic. Come on give it some love!