Away the Blues: interesting books from autumn depression

Autumn is the time when we are subject to a very dull mood, but books are the best way to overcome the Blues

Elena Kuzmich

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Прочь, хандра: интересные книги от осенней депрессии

Books from autumn depression reading

In October, the people often begins autumn depression, but there is a very nice way to overcome the phenomenon of reading books. In autumn weather with rain and puddles outside the window and want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, brew a Cup of your favorite tea or coffee and go on a journey through the book pages.

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Therefore, we have gathered for you a selection of interesting books against autumn depression.

Mark levy’s “someone like you”

Прочь, хандра: интересные книги от осенней депрессии

We have collected for you a selection of interesting books from autumn depression

If on a rainy day you want to read a light romantic story, then your choice — a new novel by the famous French writer Marc levy. His “horse” – this is a love theme that transcends circumstances. In the book “someone like you” to the readers will appear a new love affair. In the center of the plot — the story of two lovers — a young millionaire from Mumbai, came to new York in search of new earnings. But… becoming a lifter, to be closer to his. This is an interesting, but simple book perfect for light reading for one night. And a nice bonus to a love of history will be a description of America through the eyes of the immigrant. The novel is very warm and will leave a book “aftertaste”. And after reading the book you want to prepare any Indian dish with spicy but very warming Indian spices.

Jorge Amado “Dona Flor and her two husbands”

Прочь, хандра: интересные книги от осенней депрессии

It is an easy and autumn novel

The next book in our autumn collection for struggle against autumn depression — novel writer from the Brazilian Academy of literature of Jorge Amado in the genre of “magical realism”. The first novel was published in 1966, but only recently became available to Ukrainian readers.

Magic realism is characteristic of South America, the genre in which anything is possible. The story of the author, at first a little banal – the woman dies playboy-husband, she is sad, but then married a second time. But there intervenes the Ghost of her first husband, and he is very eager to reunite with his sweetheart. The main character is not willing to change her second husband, the honest Apothecary, but misses sex with her first husband-reveler. Which one did she choose, or was left with two men, you will learn when you read this the autumn light, colorful novel. But if you like to watch movies after reading the books, there are several film version of this book.

Leonid Kanter, Pavlo Solodko “With the stool to the oceans”

Прочь, хандра: интересные книги от осенней депрессии

This book is very uplifting and suited to deal with autumn depression

If you do not like reading romantic stories and you like adventure, the third book in our collection — it is about them. It tells the journey of four friends who one day decided to take four stools of four of the world’s oceans and to leave them on coasts. Three stool for five years successfully took their seats, but with the fourth there was a “puncture”. And here and start the main adventure — friends 14 months will bring a stool to hoist it onto the Cape. Friends are waiting for the countries and boundaries, mountains, desert and jungle; love and betrayal, friendship and war, birth and death. This book is very uplifting and perfect for fighting the autumn depression.

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